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The elevator introduction of laser cutting technology strives for perfection

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-17
Recently from the famous walkers, the first of the ten famous brands in China elevator, the elevator enterprise related department learned that the trademark brand actively promote demonstration enterprises, according to the work has been busy for the related process deployment. As have been traditionally industry inside and outside is very concerned about the walkers elevator brand development an important part in brand strategy, this is the walkers since 2012 has received zhejiang provincial famous trade name, province famous trademark, brand-name products, such as honor, further deepen brand strategy, deepen the trademark construction actively. As you know, as a mechanical and electrical technology and innovation in the new period in the production of prime mover perfect combination, walkers elevator at the beginning of the enterprise, the brand from the build is unique and special. Walkers is not only a German elevator brand, eighty years, has accumulated more than 30 years of the development of the local Chinese elevator quality products; In other words, starting at the beginning of the birth, walkers ronal it is destined to the rigorous industrial technology, advanced service quality, doomed its harsh pursuit of perfect quality, to become the world on behalf of the Chinese innovation ability and technology quality of the logo. Similarly, according to the reporter for the domestic top ten elevator brand vaux 2015 annual development plan for further investigation found that its headquarters enterprises is once again in the already very advanced high quality line, has carried on the comprehensive 'scale' of technological innovation. With walkers invested heavily to introduce the complete set of laser cutting and CNC bending machine, for example, of which the invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knives, with high precision, stable performance, fast cutting, automatic typesetting save materials, incision smooth, low processing cost etc. And vaux elevator newly introduced CNC sheet metal bending machine, but also makes the production speed and improved and deformation compensation institution, throat and mouth the most * used to ensure the bending precision. Of course, vaux electric company ( Help) Ladder products, in addition to the familiar similar stores use the escalator, residents in the elevator, also successfully covers the high-speed elevator, inorganic tenant elevator, sightseeing elevator, medical elevator, villa elevator, automatic sidewalks, freight elevator and full three-dimensional various series. And at the same time in the product complete, skilled, walkers elevator enterprise headquarters, as current as the rise of brand strategy, actively uphold the international and domestic a line of the elevator brand quality, has won the quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management standard certification and 7588 - an organic whole 2003 national standard certification, at the same time fully meet the European EN81 - extremely harsh 1,EN81 - 2, EN12015, EN1216 requirements. At the same time, in the current many elevator safety under the background of frequent accidents, already beyond the quality, skillful vaux elevator companies, but still pass of security technology. In the protection of original varieties of production safety and its software and hardware support at the same time, spare no effort to cooperate with walkers consumers, businesses, enterprises, widely for hidden perils in safety, we will do our best to help the people of the safety production guidance. Keep improving technology endless, brand trademark strategic industry leaders! Yes, new journey, in the face of infinite possibility, walkers elevator people successfully sublimate voyage have set sail once again, a commitment to seiko, based on the brand, service infinite blueprint of the world, is in 2015 and beyond a successful grand future! Laser cutting of metal cutting machine cutting lift
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