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【 The filler manufacturer 】 How to deal with the problem of their work

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-14
Liquid filling machine for lubricating oil, antifreeze, urea solution, emulsioni paint, paste, liquid filling, etc, to integrate with the society more industry, it is such a device can effectively achieve three provinces, province, provincial artificial, save cost, good equipment in order to get a good use, problems should be handled in a timely manner. The filler manufacturer below small make up to you on how to deal with the problem of liquid filler work. A, liquid filling the filler amount not: when filling large size, lack of feed trough, cause the liquid level is not stable, can increase mending shoes or from head off small stacking overhead ball valve, from the beginning to set the filler ( Longer stacking time) Slow down filling speed to deal with. Second, adjust the liquid filling machine digital dial the code or after the unit, time doesn't change, then closed the power from power. Third, the liquid level stable, filling quantity is not accurate: have sundry jam filling channel, mainly in entry or manger in filling material mouth, check and tidy clean can. Four, liquid filling machine closed after the drip: stacking nozzle orifice is damaged, reveal a mouth filling material finishing orifice, the diameter of the orifice is not greater than 7. 5mm。 After fixed aperture quietly on the water sand paper to grind flat orifice plane. The inside of the filling head ball valve, ball valve replacement. Five, the touch switch after not fill material, time relay digital indicator LED flashing: not note material switch damage or loose time relay base, replace the note of the same type of material switch or by the tight time relay base. Six, filling machine after touching note material switch, time relay digital LED lights flashing: check whether the presence of air pressure or too low, such as air pressure is required ( 4 - 6Kg/cm2) , may be electromagnetic valve coil damage or pneumatic valve core was stolen card to death, can pull the power supply, open the plate, with a twisted or press the corresponding button beside a solenoid coil, such as valve can reverse action, namely that the electromagnetic valve coil is damaged, if not the reversing, is the valve core is jammed, can replace solenoid coil or decomposition of valve repair ( Talent demand electrical or pneumatic common sense for decomposition or check)
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