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The importance of disinfection link in mineral water production equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-09
Improvement of living standards, now everyone's family, units, and living community improvement and the quality of drinking water purification, mineral water production line of tap water for secondary processing, not only to large amounts of suspended solids, colloid particles and in addition to water, could make the water clean, clear transparent, but also to remove the organic matters, such as e. coli bacteria and pathogenic material, make the tap water into clean drinking water. Mineral water production line is mainly based on the pressure as power, water purifying, effectively remove the impurities in the water, and keep a certain amount of trace elements. The bottled mineral water equipment has a compact structure, installation, maintenance is simple, cover an area of less, long service life, etc. To screen is divided into separation principle, pressure as the driving force of membrane separation process, filtration precision in 0. 005 - 0. 01 um range, which can effectively remove the particles in the water, colloid, bacteria and organic polymer, etc. Ultrafiltration process without phase transformation and has good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, ultrafiltration membranes with different form form, membrane materials and process design, can adapt to a variety of different water quality conditions and separation function. Mineral water production line of water treatment method, destroy the living water in the vast majority of pathogens, microbes water quality meets the demand of human health, known as the disinfection. Ozone, halogen and halogen compounds of this type of disinfectant is by destroying pathogens basic physiological function units, such as enzyme, coenzyme and hydrogen carrier and inactivated disease yuan body. Several kinds of disinfectants to kill efficiency and stability of comparison: killing efficiency: ozone & gt; Chlorine dioxide & gt; Chlorine & gt; Chloramine stability: chloramine & gt; China 2 oxygen chloride & gt; Chlorine & gt; Ozone and ozone has strong oxidation, easy to dissolve into oxygen and ozone, no any constitutes a harm to human body in the water. But the cost is high, basically is not used for large waterworks, and because of its high oxidation on commonly used in the depth of the water treatment.
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