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The Importance of Putting a Cold Drink Machine in the Workplace

The Importance of Putting a Cold Drink Machine in the Workplace


The Importance of Putting a Cold Drink Machine in the Workplace

JD WATER-The Importance of Putting a Cold Drink Machine in the Workplace

A cold drink machine is simply a vending machine that can dispense any drink. All you have to do is insert a coin and type in the code of your favorite drink as it dispenses it to you. The machines have a long history. Today, you may even pay with your card so you don't have to tip your purse or wallet for change.


For the workplace, the cold drink machine comes with various benefits. Read on to find out how beneficial it's to your workplace.


• Easy to Manage - The cold drink machine is very easy to manage. No one has to be present to sell anything to anybody. All that's needed is its installation, after which you only need to monitor its progress while on other duties. A cold drink machine is very easy to maintain. Apart from ensuring it's clean daily, and replenishing it with more drinks, there is virtually nothing more for you to do. The machine works 24 hours a day for 365 days a year unless you switch it off for personal reasons.


• No Overhead Costs - Having a cold drink machine at your workplace has no overhead costs. You don't need to employ anyone to manage it. You also eliminate the need for anyone to supply drinks. Therefore, you don't have to worry about any monthly payrolls or wages. It also doesn't take much space. It takes quite negligible space, so there is no need to rent any more space for it.


• Convenience for Employees - For your employees, a cold drink machine enhances convenience, as they don't have to go out to obtain any drinks, neither do they have to carry any drinks with them to the work. As such, they are more focused on their duties, as they don't have to worry about how to quench their thirst. This means their productivity is also enhanced. Their worker relations are also bound to grow since they have more time to socialize while on duty.


• Saves Time - A cold drink machine saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been lost by employees seeking to quench their thirst elsewhere during the lunch break. The machine dispenses a drink in just about twenty seconds, yet looking for a drink elsewhere would cost even more than ten minutes. The accumulated time saved is too precious to waste.


• Extra Income - The machine has the potential to earn you the much needed extra buck. This is especially if your workplace has many employees, say a factory, bakery, super selection store, etc. You see, if you have just a few employees, you may opt to offer free cold drinks to them. However, this cannot be the case when you have a huge number of employees. In such a situation, the best you can do is to subsidize the cost for cold drinks, to make it as affordable to all employees as possible, regardless of their monthly payments.


Optimum Usage and Revenue

Making the most out of your cold drink machine depends on various strategic factors. One of them is the positioning of the machine. Where exactly should you position it? This is a question you must answer if you optimize its use.


Basically, you should walk around the workplace and determine the most strategic position for the machine. Likewise, you should be able to tell the spot with the highest human traffic. It could be near the entrance or any other point of entry and exit for ease of access by every employee. A well-positioned machine will ensure maximum usage, which in turn translates to higher revenue for you.


Things to Know About Cold Drink Machine

Cold drink machines, just like all other vending machines may have come with great convenience, but they used to consume a lot of power. However, in recent years, the cost of power consumption went down by at least 70% due to continuous innovation by the involved companies. Nowadays, there are machines that have solar panels installed to generate their own electricity. Such machines come in very handy in times of peril.


Some cold drink machines consume zero electricity at night. This is how: The machines have solar panels affixed on them. During the day, the solar panels generate and store up the electricity. At night, the energy is put into use, cutting off-grid power for night time illumination. The machines' display uses LED lighting, which is used in combination with sensors to only light up when a transaction is ongoing. As such, a lot of energy is saved.


Some machines consume less than half the power consumed by an electric fan. Past generations of these machines were designed to cool products during the day when there's usually the highest demand for electricity. However, most cooling today takes place at night when there is low demand for electricity. This is combined with high thermal insulation to keep products cooled for at least 12 hours with the lowest or zero electric power consumption.


Some Coke System beverage machines are known to contribute their revenue towards a worthwhile course. There are many initiatives that benefit from such ventures. They include NPOs and Civic groups, nature conservation activities, social welfare support, research for the treatment of childhood cancer, research in raising the quality of life for cancer patients and initiatives for protecting and nurturing woodlands, among others. The list is long and it keeps growing daily.


Now you know the benefits of having a cold drink machine at your workplace. You've also gained a few tips on how to go about it. If done right, you stand to reap the above benefits and much more. Keep your employee motivated while making the extra coin an easy and convenient way. If they are disadvantageous in any way, there is no doubt that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You alone can limit yourself.

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