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The laser 3 d

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
3 d laser equipment application innovation platform, is based on laser technology, services, and applications in the production, brand, management, channel, talent resources established laser industry service platform, the platform is designed to attract and cultivate a variety of good project, in the development of new technology, traditional technology upgrading, academic research into productivity, channel distribution, and so on various aspects in the construction of production line and various partners, achieve win-win situation. Relying on powerful strength and dynamic operation, the basis of the laser has gathered the equipment manufacturing, optical components manufacturing, software development, laser products processing and marketing services, equipment leasing process, such as various types of more than 30 a platform, and through the collaboration and resource interaction, each member to get rapid development platform, occupy the whole laser industry chain in the link of each application dominance. Based on the concept of win-win cooperation, laser 3 d automation team and the elite, will be a full range of services in the team, grow together with the team. Regardless of the enterprise, the enterprise no matter size, as long as there is idea, we can cooperate!
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