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The laser marking machine of the kettle has good marking effect on the top of the cup and kettle

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Laser marking technology has been applied in the manufacturing industry for many years, most of them use laser marking machines to directly Mark relevant Chinese characters, graphics, numbers and letters on relevant products, such as enterprise names and trademarks, product specifications and models, shifts, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting passwords, etc, therefore, it replaces the traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing, chemical corrosion, inkjet printing, etc. The cup kettle is used every day in our life, but how to make an inconspicuous cup kettle shine? Fiber laser marking machine has a coup! It uses the laser beam with high energy density to remove the surface material of the Cup, thus carving exquisite pictures and texts, and showing the colorful of the cup and kettle by exposing the deep material! It is precisely because of the demand of the market, the kettle laser marking machine came into being. The kettle laser marking machine has good marking effect on the cup and kettle. Compared with the traditional method, laser marking machining is very fast and accurate, graphics can be customized by computer programming, and environmental protection and health consumables are low. Therefore, laser marking has become a new processing method. Laser Marking cup kettle, color is not limited! The principle of laser marking is to highlight the figure by evaporating the pigment on the surface of the cup and kettle, revealing the depth and location of the metal material. However, the color of laser marking cups and kettles is not limited. The graphics of laser marking can be made on site through software drawing, as long as the graphics are made. It can not only mark the logo of the pattern, but also be a holiday blessing. For the laser marking machine, no matter the cup kettle is tall, short, fat and thin, it can make it gorgeous and beautiful!
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