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The laser marking machine should pay attention to the following details to increase its service life

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
When we use laser marking equipment, if we want to make the equipment stable in performance and longer in life, it depends on how you maintain it. The following laser will teach you how to increase the service life of the fiber laser marking machine and some brief methods of daily maintenance. When users use it, they need to maintain it. It is recommended to maintain it once a week. For workshops with poor environment, it is recommended to maintain and clean it after each use, below we will talk about how to maintain the fiber laser marking machine. 1, to ensure the air circulation around the laser marking machine, to avoid the problem of overheating of the equipment; 2, the equipment is marking, do not move the machine, this will damage the life of the equipment; 3, when the fiber laser marking machine fails, you need to cut off the power supply first, you are afraid of problems with the power switch, voltage instability or excessive current damage the laser and other equipment; 4. When the laser marking machine is not in use, please cover it with the hood. Remember to cut off the power supply. It is recommended to pad it under the machine body to prevent flooding (Southern areas prone to flooding in rainy season can be considered); 5. The cleaning method is to use anhydrous ethanol (Analytically pure)With ether (Analytically pure) Mix at the ratio of 3:1, use long fiber cotton swab or lens paper to invade the 8 mixture, gently scrub the lower surface of the focusing mirror, and change the cotton swab or lens paper once every time you try it; 5. After each marking, the light-emitting mirror table on the equipment needs to be covered to prevent the laser light from being affected by contamination of the lens, which will lead to insufficient laser energy and affect the marking quality ( Field mirror is generally equipped with a mirror cover, if not, you can ask the manufacturer for it); 6. If the workpiece engaged in marking will cause dust, it is better to have a vacuum cleaner, because once the dust is attached to the focusing mirror, it will affect the output of laser power and energy and affect the marking quality, the lens will even burst because the heat absorption of the lens is too high, so if the marking effect is not good (Normal at ordinary times) Should first check the lens problem, once found contaminated must be cleaned;
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