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The laser to innovation service users

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
As Asia's leading laser, optics, photoelectric, Munich on sea ray fair inherit past success, scale to an all-time high. The exhibition attracted from all over the world industry to demonstrate its cutting-edge technology and innovative products, a total of 628 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions participating, audience to maintain a high level. Optical technology conference held PHOTONICS meets CHINA industry hot topics focused, comprehensive cover multiple laser and optical electronics field. Laser technology innovation awards, the industry application of this exhibition scattershot still focus on 'innovative laser processing technology application', the exhibition site set up by the production and processing technology exhibition 'laser', for the general customers showcase innovative laser processing technology in automobile, sheet metal manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, national defense, manufacturing technology, materials processing, mold, plastic, rubber, such as the electronic industry of solutions and practical application. In recent years the hot technology - 3 d marking, made 'material', also got quite a nice on laser application, laser, tide, south China university of technology, and other enterprises are gradually introduced to add material manufacturing, laser cladding and other related technologies and products, we bring a new product this year have a 3 d laser marking, metal laser 3 d marking, laser welding and laser display products. Laser security initiative service, and promote the healthy development of the industry safety laser display platform for building industry, promoting the healthy development of China's laser manufacturing benign during the exhibition, Munich on sea ray fair combined laser processing professional committee of Chinese optical society and fast, bystronic, laser and other major exhibitors, now hold 'laser safety initiative proposal type'! At the same time, by the laser processing professional committee of Chinese optical society and Munich exhibition ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , jointly organized the 'industrial lasers and systems use safety training course' response in the scene. Will purport for parking light industry to build a 'safer, healthier, more high-end' laser technology display platform!
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