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The laser welding of stainless steel

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-31
The laser welding of stainless steel with a focused laser beam, the introduction of laser welding as the heat generated by the energy bombardment welding welding method. It has the advantages of low heat input, high welding speed, joint thermal deformation and heat affected zone is small, the depth of molten pool shape than the big wide, thin, good toughness, etc. When welding with no mechanical contact, to achieve the online quality monitoring and automatic production, economic benefit is remarkable. Application field of laser welding, manufacturing application laser tailor-welded (1 TailoredBlandLaserWelding) Technology has been widely used in the manufacture of foreign cars, according to statistics, 2000 global more than 100 cutting laser tailor-welded blank plate production lines, annual output of 70 million pieces of car component tailor-welded blank plate, and continues to grow at high speed. The introduction of domestic production models Passat, Buick, Audi also adopted some cutting billet board structure. Japan in CO2 laser welding instead of flash butt welding rolling coil connections in steel industry, in the research of ultra thin plate welding, such as thickness of 100 micron foil, unable to fusion welding, but through a special power output waveform of YAG laser welding are successful, shows the laser welding of broad prospects. Japan has also successfully developed in the world will YAG laser welding thin tube used in nuclear reactor steam generator maintenance, etc. , in the domestic Su Baorong etc. Also the laser welding technology of the gear. 2, powder metallurgy field, with the continuous development of science and technology, special requirements for the materials on a variety of industrial technology, metallurgy method is applied to manufacturing materials cannot meet the need. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy materials with special performance and manufacturing, in some areas, such as cars, planes, tool cutting tool manufacturing is replacing the traditional metallurgy material, with the increasingly development of powder metallurgical materials, it connects to other parts of problems appear increasingly prominent, limit the application of powder metallurgy materials. In the early eighty s, laser welding, with its unique advantage into the field of powder metallurgy materials processing, has opened up new prospects for the application of the powder metallurgy materials, such as using powder metallurgy material connection that is commonly used in welding diamond brazing method, because of the low bonding strength, heat affected zone width in particular can not adapt to high temperature and high strength requirement caused by solder melting loss, using laser welding can improve weld strength and high temperature resistant performance. 3, the automotive industry in the late 1980 s, kilowatt laser applied successfully in industrial production, and now laser welding production line has been massive in car manufacturing industry, as one of the outstanding achievements of car manufacturing. German audi, mercedes-benz, Volkswagen, Sweden Volvo car factory in Europe in the early 1980 s was pioneered in laser welding roof, car body, side box sheet metal welding, such as in the 90 s America gm, ford and Chrysler have phase to the laser welding is introduced into automobile manufacturing, although started late, but development soon. Italy's fiat in most laser welding is adopted in the welding of steel component assembly, Japan's nissan, Honda and Toyota are used in the manufacturing automobile body covering parts of laser welding and cutting process, the identity of the laser welding assembly parts because of its excellent performance becomes more and more used in automobile body manufacturing, according to the American metal market, by the end of 2002, the consumption of laser welded steel structure will be 70000 t 3 times more than in 1998. According to the characteristics of automobile industrial batch big, high degree of automation, laser welding equipment to develop in the direction of high power, the multiplex type. In process in the United States PrattWitney and Sandia national laboratories in laser welding process in the research, adding metal powder and wire beam technology research institute in Germany Bremen applications use laser welding of aluminium alloy body frame carried out extensive research, more than that is added in the weld filler helps eliminate hot crack, improve the welding speed, solve the problem of tolerance, the development of the production line has been in the Mercedes factory production. 4 laser welding in the electronic industry, electronic industry, especially in the microelectronics industry has been widely used. Due to laser welding heat affected zone small concentrated heating quickly, low thermal stress, which is integrated circuit and semiconductor device shell encapsulation, shows the unique superiority, in development of vacuum devices, laser welding has been applied, such as molybdenum focus with stainless steel support ring, extremely fast hot cathode filament components, etc. The sensor or the thermostat elastic thin wall corrugated sheet in the thickness of 0. 05 - 0. 1 mm, USES the traditional welding methods are difficult to solve, TIG welding is easy to weld penetration, plasma stability, impact factors and using laser welding effect is very good, more widely used. 5, biomedical laser welding of biological tissue began in the 1970 s, Klink and jain [such as 13] With laser welding tube and the superiority of the successful welding of blood vessels and display, make more researchers to try welding all kinds of biological tissue, welding and promote to other organizations. About laser welding neurological research focuses at home and abroad in the laser wavelength, dose and the functional recovery, and the research of laser and the choice of solder, copper liu army for the laser welding small blood vessels, skin, etc on the basis of basic research and study on the welding of great dept. Manager. Laser welding method compared with traditional suture method, laser welding are fast anastomosis, no foreign body reaction in the healing process, keep the mechanical properties of weld, repair tissue according to the advantages of the original biomechanical character growth will be more widely in biomedical applications. Stainless steel laser welding laser welding
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