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The maintenance of mobile phone screen adopts laser screen removal machine, which is free of replacement

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
Laser screen removal machine, is the screen maintenance practitioners in order to remove the screen frame or mobile phone glass back cover, will be used in the field of laser marking laser marking machine after modification, application in the field of mobile phone maintenance equipment, use laser to knock out the glue of the frame in the screen and separate the frame from the screen. Part of the functions of the laser screen removal machine replaced the separation equipment such as the heating separator and the ultra-low temperature screen removal refrigerator, which were commonly used before. Compared with the traditional two machines before, what are the advantages of laser screen removal machine? What 'new postures' have been unlocked? No physical contact, accurate drawing and high safety factor in this ever-changing era, the development of science and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the field of mobile phone technology is also keeping up with the pace of the times and constantly upgrading, A series of functions such as waterproof and drop-resistant have also become standard for mobile phone quality. Then the problem arises. The frames in the screen are seamlessly glued with the liquid crystal screen, which makes it more difficult for us to separate the liquid crystal screen. At present, the common separation methods in the market are hot and cold, although each of the two separation methods has its own advantages, there are certain risks. The principle of laser screen removal machine is to use laser to penetrate the glass cover plate of the screen and melt the glue on the frame in the screen. As long as the drawing is accurate, the risk factor will be very low and the safety factor will be high. The power is low and the cost of screen removal is low. The general power of laser screen removal machine is about 20 W, and the power of 20W is selected, which can not only achieve the effect of screen removal, it will not increase the cost because of high power. This power, compared with the heating separator and ultra-low temperature split screen refrigerator, electricity consumption can be said to be very little. In terms of price, although the price of the laser screen removal machine is relatively more expensive than the traditional screen removal machine, the laser screen removal machine will not be consumable during the screen removal process, the cost of removing the screen is low. Moreover, due to the simple structure of the laser screen removal machine, the later maintenance cost will not be too high. The operation is simple, the screen removal speed is fast, and the operation of the laser screen removal machine is actually relatively simple. It is similar to the usage method of our commonly used printer. Install the software, and then connect the machine after drawing with the computer, it can accurately and automatically disassemble the machine. In addition, the speed of the laser screen removal machine is also relatively fast. Generally, the laser Time for a screen is about 30 seconds, which is very suitable for people who have a large demand for screen removal, it effectively saves the time cost. Buy our laser screen removal machine and give away hundreds of sets of drawings to solve the problem of difficult operation of the machine, silly operation, apple, Huawei, Samsung, oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, etc. are some of the advantages of the laser screen removal machine summarized by Xiaobian, I hope it can help those insiders who are interested in laser screen removal machine, and also hope that with the maturity of technology, laser screen removal machine can be more widely used in the field of mobile phone maintenance.
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