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The municipal water department take five measures to vigorously promotes the sewage treatment industry regulations

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
The municipal water department to take five measures to vigorously promotes the sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment industry regulation is to strengthen the institutional guarantee, revised report 'dongguan city sewage treatment plant operation management method', a 'interim measures for assessment of dongguan city sewage treatment industry management', issued by the dongguan city sewage treatment industry guidance, standard sewage treatment industry regulation operation parameter. Second is to highlight the key improvement, combined with the central environmental protection supervision rectification task, the key to solve the shortage problem of sewage treatment plant capacity, led by making center 5 sewage treatment plant and other urban areas; A factory policy & throughout; Run security plan, organize the city sewage treatment plant control equipment operation and sludge disposal of special inspection and review. 3 it is to increase the intensity of punishment, in early 2018 issued by the rectification report. 10, 11 period review monthly report; For many times excess water discharged sewage treatment plant responsible and apanage management department to interview three times; Three deductions downtown sewage treatment factory processing fee of about 690000 yuan. Four is a professional security measures, employ the third party agencies and industry experts on the city's urban sewage treatment plant carpet inventory, find the problem list all 300 rectification parameter, so far has been completed rectification task 70%; Push to complete the city scale of ten thousand tons of sewage treatment plant laboratory ability assessment validation work, organize the city sewage treatment industry concentration 2 times. Five is to improve the consultation mechanism, and dongguan city ecological environment established by the competent department in consultation with the linkage mechanism, to promote sewage treatment work. Next, dongguan city water department will revolve around urban sewage achieve complete collection, complete processing, we will continue to increase sewage treatment equipment industry operation supervision, strengthen normalized patrol management, further guide the industry and district to do a good job of sewage treatment, effectively improve the level of operation.
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