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The points for attention during the water treatment equipment replacement of filter material

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-10
The points for attention during the water treatment equipment replacement filter material 1, when filling sand carbon, center pipe should use tape to seal, prevent sand carbon into the tube. 2, before changing sand carbon, want to use waterproof things such as plastic cover all the original water pump that is from the sand tank, carbon tank near the electrical components, prevent water from entering the pump and make the pump to burn out. 3, sand carbon loading volume, shall not exceed 70% of the total volume, in order to have a backwashing space. 4, when cleaning sand carbon is washed wash back, attention should be paid to observe the pressure gauge during backwashing, if pressure is more than 3 kg, when the backwashing immediately hit is washing. 5, generally need to clean the original water pump, water pressure is not enough to wash clean, unless the raw water pressure is very high. Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD is located in the beautiful and rich 'the Yangtze river golden triangle' area. The factory is set research and development for the integrated beverage packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises. Production of the barrel, bottled production line series are not only well received by domestic users, and exports in southeast Asia, more than 10 countries. Our factory to meet the needs of the customers as our goal, to provide customers with turn-key project. All the above is to introduce the content, hope to be of help. If you want to learn more knowledge, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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