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The process of laser cutting equipment and materials

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
Along with the development of laser rapid prototyping technology, people continue to improve the precision of laser rapid prototyping products, enlarge the using range of molding material on, explore the new method of forming technology. At present, the above layered manufacturing ( SFF) Forming technology ( Including the SL, SLS, FDM, DSCP, etc. ) , but also developed a material removal ( MRP) Increase the molding technology and materials. Material removing forming and increase the forming technology integration, its principle is: laser molten material piling up in forming part, after the milling parts. Prototype material performance to meet: conducive to rapid precise processing prototype; Made directly with the RP system function material performance approaching zui parts will use the strength, stiffness and wave resistance, thermal stability and other requirements; Conducive to rapid molding processing, 3 d Systems, companies in the United States early prototype using polyacrylic acid as materials, poor performance, then using epoxy resin instead of polyacrylic acid and mild parts greatly improved. Has now developed a plastic belt, stainless steel and ceramics, can be applied to the standard LOM process of laser rapid prototyping. In SLS laser rapid prototyping technology, the original only choose such as resin, polycarbonate, nylon and other materials. After the hardening phase in performance to plastics, thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, etc. Ceramic powder is added in the photosensitive resin granule can manufacture special function keys. Later when metal powder ( Or ceramic powder) The selected laser sintering moulding directly, this kind of material has the advantages of high strength and thermal stability. In recent years the rapid development of molding technology, the material also has a growing. Today on the industrial application of laser rapid molding machine is mainly used in a variety of different photosensitive resin or easy sintering plastic manufacturing plastic mold. Use a metal or ceramic powder powder directly manufacture metal mould is still in development stage. Forming technology and new material development also has a growing, American airlines have developed a laser molding materials of titanium components. The material molding process similar to SLS process. The difference is that he can be made into high density parts, without hot isostatic pressing. Using pure titanium and Ti - 6AL- 4 v and Ti 6Al- 2 sn made of titanium forming parts have good mechanical properties. Dickten company is developing a new and different shaped material, using the parts of it do not need to roast. Like Japan GMET company through ceramic powder are added into the photosensitive tree powder. Can produce special functions or rapid molding directly. Therefore, in the near future there will be more new technology and the molding material appeared. Recommendation: laser cutting equipment discount bargain offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser cutting equipment 】 It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver etc. Thickness is 1. 0 ~ 25 mm plate; 【 Stainless steel laser cutting equipment 】 Classic gantry double drive structure of stable and reliable, automatic switching table, at the same time of cutting up and down on another table, convenient and quick to save time; 【 Optical fiber laser cutting 】 With high-speed movement speed, acceleration and dynamic performance, is laser for efficient and specialized research and development of a product, its cutting 0. The speed of 5 mm stainless steel reached 100 m/min. 【 Carbon steel sheet metal laser cutting 】 Specializing in sheet metal processing industry demand for sheet of processing in the field of research and development design of laser processing equipment, it has a very high cost performance, with CNC system control, efficiency is much higher than in other laser cutting equipment for the board drive mode control. More CNC laser cutting equipment, laser cutting laser cutting equipment
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