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The product characteristics of say bottled water filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-08
Say bottled water filling machine product characteristics 1, suitable for bottled: 3 gallons, 5 gallons bottled water filling machine production water supply. 2, the function is all ready, integrating washing, filling and sealing. 3, scope of application: it is a ideal equipment in the production of mineral water, distilled water, pure water. 4, bottled water filling machine for stainless steel, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. This machine structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, high efficiency, stable and reliable, high degree of automation. Operator only needs two people. Near 5, site operation: bottled water filling machine installation site operation screen, to achieve local control, display filling line working condition, and has a separate manual control functions; When the fault occurs, can show failure ( Such as motor, liquid level, etc. ) And the cause of the problem, and with sound and light alarm, at the same time, the system selectively shut down, depending on the alarm degree protection equipment in good condition. All the above is to introduce the content, hope to be of help. If you want to learn more knowledge, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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