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The product with relatively mature domestic technology is flowmeter type box bag filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-03
The product with relatively mature domestic technology is flowmeter type box bag filling machine (Bring your own power), Suitable for quantitative filling of liquid soft packaging bags. With temperature tracking density compensation technology, automatic compensation for errors caused by density changes caused by liquid and temperature changes, the primary metering system selects high-precision liquid flow transmitter, and the metering control accuracy is higher. The two filling modes of quality and volume can be freely converted (Can be filled according to display kg, or ml). Fast and slow two-speed filling, liquid does not overflow. Vacuum back suction, no drip. Siemens PLC, stable and reliable operation. Siemens touch screen man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate and learn. Pulling, filling, upper cover and gland are completed automatically. The infusion mode is pumping, and there is no need for high pressure drop. The two filling heads are independent control systems respectively. One fault does not affect the normal operation of the other. On-site real liquid verification can be carried out and the user can check the filling accuracy by himself. Errors can be adjusted in time. Compared with the traditional liquid packaging form, the integrated production line of filling, sealing and wrapping can be composed of automatic box sealing machine, automatic film wrapping machine and heat shrinking machine. The liquid packaging in the box has a long shelf life, it has good performance of avoiding light and blocking oxygen, uses less packaging materials and is renewable and recycled, and can fill products of various specifications on the same box bag filling machine, suitable for aseptic, non-sterile, cold filling, hot filling and other processing processes, from semi-automatic to fully automatic flexible choice of box bag flexible packaging filling machine, improve transportation and storage efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, significantly reduced packaging costs. Based on the great advantages of bag-in-box packaging, bag-in-box liquid flexible packaging filling machine has become a popular product in the liquid filling machine market.
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