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The pure water equipment disinfection method

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-14
We use pure water equipment is not only for water purification treatment, is more important is it has surely disinfection function. So let's use up centering the more water, pure water equipment will also be able to direct application, so let's take stock of its what. Pure water treatment equipment to work for a long time to also can have a lot of bacteria extremophiles remaining in the equipment, these bacteria extremophiles itself is difficult to solve in water treatment equipment, appear this kind of situation we will need to be regular disinfection of water treatment equipment, what are that in the concrete operation method, based on the experience in the production and living, following a discussion with you about, hope to be able to assist. The way to a brief and effective and effort to save time is to use activated carbon adsorption method, the principle of using activated carbon daughter-in-law to degradation adsorption by activated carbon adsorption method, makes the water dissolved impurities in concentrated granular surface. Due to the relatively large surface area of activated carbon, only in this way they can better show good adsorption function, so that more effective processing equipment of the impurities, then achieve aseptic maximum efficacy. At the same time also very environmental protection, as a result of the activated carbon asset prices low, very suitable for the use of the vast residents. Primary atmosphere is made up of ozone is known to all, with ozone is also a very good function, its sterilization power than chlorine dioxide and chlorine and chloramine, stable function, ozone has strong oxidation. Although has the good use effect, but restricted by technology and capital are not suitable for a wide range of use. Trust you now about the pure water treatment equipment of various membrane separation is not new skills, and this kind of equipment to first apply to temporary downtime maintenance process. Clean membrane separation skills with reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microporous filter, effluent is very snug safety and energy saving. The reverse osmosis membrane skill is the most careful, can filter out the tiny impurities germs. This is a skill sex is very strong, there is only suitable for large enterprises.
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