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The quality of laser affects the yield of laser processing

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-16
Laser is one of the major inventions in the 20th century. Because of its monochromatic, coherence and parallelism, laser cutting machine is especially suitable for material processing, today, the laser editor will talk about the main reasons that restrict the development of laser processing technology in our country. Laser cutting machine is widely used in mechanical processing and other fields, which plays an increasingly important role in improving product quality, improving labor productivity, reducing processing cost and reducing material consumption. With the advent of high-power fiber lasers for optical fiber transmission and the continuous improvement of positioning accuracy of industrial robots, laser cutting using industrial robots is a hot topic in the field of robot application and laser cutting. The laser cutting machine not only has the characteristics of flexible robot movement and high flexibility, but also has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good quality and narrow cutting seam, which well meets the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing industry. Under the background of the popularity of the robot market, the laser cutting market, as an indispensable part of the robot manufacturing process, must have a good prospect and join the innovative combination of laser cutting robots, domestic laser cutting Awards have climbed all the way. The quality of the laser. Laser is the core component of laser processing. Its output parameters such as laser power, laser stability, beam quality and reliability of devices all affect the yield and benefit of laser processing, therefore, the development and improvement of detection technology and the improvement of beam quality are the primary problems to be solved by laser processing application technology.
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