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The reason why Shenzhen advertising word laser welding machine is widely used

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Advertising word laser welding machine, also called metal word laser welding machine, is an important welding equipment used by ordinary users to engage in small workshops, installation projects, advertising projects and other related products, so in many use processes, due to the different usage methods of the equipment and the quality of its own software and hardware, the welding of the same product will be uneven, how to choose good quality equipment in the laser welding machine market is a problem that every user is concerned about. The development of metal word advertising welding machine in China is also relatively early. Note that because its laser power requirement is relatively low, adapting to the laser technology which is just starting in China, the laser welding equipment which is given the highest priority is the advertisement word laser welding equipment. However, nowadays, the market competitiveness is becoming more and more intense, many welding equipment manufacturers have not only made great efforts in laser power, but also continuously optimized hardware quality and software system performance, the goal is to consolidate the sales share of laser processing equipment in the Laser Market. Compared with the past ten years, the cost performance of laser welding equipment for advertising words has passed several upgrades, which shows the rapid development of laser technology. Here we recommend the quality and performance of the advertising word laser welding machine: 1. The most important thing is to let the manufacturer make samples for us directly. This is the most suitable one, only after meeting our own production requirements is the first step we take a fancy to the product, and it is the key first step. At the same time, proofing requires users to be present in person, because many non-direct manufacturers take samples to other cooperative manufacturers for proofing, in fact, the other party is an intermediary or a seller, not a direct manufacturer. In terms of post-sales service, users are in a passive position, no guarantee, no sense of security. 2. When the product meets its own production requirements, it is necessary to understand the brand and quality problems of relevant accessories and hardware, especially the brand problems of lasers, whether they are imported or domestic, if it is domestic, then we suggest that you use Ruike or Chuangxin and other manufacturers, these two are professional fiber laser manufacturers, and if you choose foreign equipment, the welding effect will be better, but the price will be a little higher. For example, Germany's IPG, and luofen and other lasers, this depends on the user's requirements for welding quality, but for the welding of advertising metal words, I think it is enough to use domestic brand lasers, save money and enough, why do you want to 'kill the chicken with a knife', that is not a waste. 3, the price and after-sales guarantee problem, this should be negotiated with the manufacturer, each manufacturer is different in price and after-sales service, looking for cost performance is our just need, the current market advertising word laser welding machine price is generally 2- 50 thousand yuan, if imported, it needs to reach more than 70 thousand yuan. This is not needed. Buy a 3- 40 thousand is about the same, after all, metal word welding manufacturers do small batch production, the power requirement for the laser is not too high, of course, if you need to improve the production speed, you need to start from the laser power, only by increasing its power can it generate enough energy per unit time to provide welding requirements.
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