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The reverse osmosis water treatment system using several kinds of instruments and meters

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Dongguan water treatment water treatment equipment company for several kinds of instruments used in reverse osmosis systems, reverse osmosis systems must use several instruments: instrument: pollution index, used for pretreatment of SDI index measurement system. Second, strong water flow meter: used for measuring system of strong water flow, and the recovery rate of water flow meter used to determine the system. Three, water meter: used for measuring system of water flow. Produced water conductivity meter: used for water quality measurement system ( Conductivity) Four, pressure gauge: feed water pressure measurement system, between the pressure, strong water pressure, water production. Five, the water flow meter: used for measuring the system total feed water flow. Six, thermometer: used for measuring the temperature of the system operation. Seven, water PH meter: used for measuring system of feed water PH changes. Eight, water conductivity meter: used for feed water conductivity measurement system, and the produced water conductivity with desalination rate used to determine the system. Nine, REDOX instrument: containing oxidizing substances into the water used for measuring system how to determine the degree of threat to system security. Ten, high and low voltage protection switch: used to protect system is not in the low voltage ( Insufficient water supply) Running and high pressure condition. For reverse osmosis system is more complex, use the instrument is determined with technological requirements and user investment situation. Normal reverse osmosis system only need to produce water meter, strong water flow meter, water conductivity gauge, pressure gauge, high and low voltage protection is enough. If want to detailed insight into the reverse osmosis system, can online '' '' consulting or by calling the water treatment equipment: 18688637796
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