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The right-hand man of plastic products for plastic laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
In terms of today's plastic laser welding technology, the most representative plastic welding methods can be roughly divided into many plastic welding technologies such as adhesive welding method, ultrasonic welding method, vibration friction welding method, etc, although these plastic welding methods have their own characteristics and strengths, in the final analysis, there will still be a lot of existing quality and watertight (Leakage), Burrs, burrs and other problems exist. If these problems are not further solved, the plastic welding industry will fall into decline again, which will lead to high production cost, limited product design, low production efficiency, etc, this is also a severe test faced by most manufacturers at present. In fact, if you want to weld high-quality plastic, laser welding is undoubtedly a good choice. The plastic laser welding machine usually penetrates the upper base metal of the laser beam from the optical characteristics and the lower base metal absorbing the laser beam at the joint position, and then irradiates the laser beam from top to bottom, the laser beam penetrating the upper layer will reach the lower interface and make the surface temperature of the lower base metal rise, and the heat generated in this process will be transferred to the upper layer, making the two base materials melt and join. Compared with the existing plastic welding methods, the plastic laser welding machine obviously has more advantages. What is more worth mentioning is that plastic laser welding technology can solve the above-mentioned watertight (Leakage) Problems such as poor appearance, poor quality, burrs or burrs can also reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, which is undoubtedly a 'necessary medicine' for plastic manufacturers '.
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