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The role of aseptic filling machine in fruit juice beverage production

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-28
The role of aseptic filling machine in the production of fruit juice beverage the aseptic filling machine adopts stainless steel body, and the lower Cup, the lid and the seal are all completed at one time. Have the initiative to send bottles, take the initiative to leak materials (Filled objects) , Take the initiative to take the filling quantity, take the initiative to manage the bottle cap, take the initiative to screw the cap and other functions. The structure is compact, the floor space is small, the transmission of the whole machine only uses one main power, and the action is coherent and has the characteristics of continuous production. Before normal production, it is necessary to manually take a proper amount of filling materials and bottle caps separately and pour them into the hopper and vibrating plate, and then take a proper amount of filling bottles and place them in the storage bottle plate in an orderly manner. Simple operation, small power and low energy consumption. The main material is stainless steel, which conforms to the pharmaceutical food production standard. Fruit juice beverage production line process: 1. Dilution: add purified water to the frozen concentrated juice according to the formula requirements for dilution. 2. Filtration: remove the suspended solids and impurities in the juice, and make sure the diluted juice is clear and bright. 3. Homogenization: homogenize the diluted juice to make the juice uniform and stable. Homogeneous pressure requirements: 20-25MPa. 4. Soluble sugar and filtration: in the sugar tank. Start the mixer, take in appropriate amount of water, and take in white granulated sugar according to the amount of formula. There are two methods of dissolving sugar: Hot Melt and cold melt, one of which can be selected according to the needs of the production process. Diatomite filtration is generally used for sugar solution filtration. Other auxiliary materials dissolve and filter together with white granulated sugar. 5. Distribution: pump the previously diluted juice, dissolved and filtered sugar solution and dissolved and filtered auxiliary materials to the distribution cylinder to make them evenly mixed and constant in volume. According to the formula amount to participate in the essence and (OR)Pigment, and mix evenly. 6. Filtration: filter the finished feed liquid through the filter barrel connected to the pipeline again to completely remove the suspended solids and impurities that may exist and ensure the bright, uniform and common products without precipitation. 7. Sterilization: Pass the filtered feed liquid through UHT sterilizer to sterilize the feed liquid. Sterilization conditions: 130-135 ℃, 4-6 seconds. During sterilization, ensure that the steam pressure supplied to the sterilizer is not less than 0. 8MPa. 8. Cleaning: The bottle is passed through the bottle washing machine to fully clean the dust and dirt that may exist in the bottle. In order to ensure the cleaning effect, the pressure of purified water required for cleaning is not less than 0. 4MPa. Bottle cleaning often forms a 'three-in-one' filling machine with filling and capping. 9. Filling and capping: filling mainly includes two methods: aseptic cold filling and aseptic hot filling. In order to ensure the quality of fruit juice beverage filling, aseptic hot filling is often used. Requirements: the temperature during filling is not lower than 90 ℃, and the temperature in the bottle after filling is not lower than 85 ℃. Cover immediately after filling. When sealing, adjust the appropriate torque of the sealing head to ensure tight sealing. Bottle washing, filling and capping 'three in one' hot filling machine. 10. Bottle Pouring: the product after hot filling is immediately passed through the bottle pouring machine, so that the bottle is upside down, and the bottle and bottle cap are sterilized by the residual temperature of the liquid after filling to ensure the quality of the product. 11. Lamp inspection: let the product pass through the lamp inspection machine to check whether the bottle has dirt and impurities, and whether the bottle seal is in good condition, so as to ensure that qualified products enter the next step. 12. Cooling: let the product pass through the cooling tunnel to quickly reduce the temperature of the product (38 ± 2)℃. More damage. Less investment in hot filling equipment.
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