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The similarities between YAG laser welding and optical fiber transmission laser welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
Common Laser welding equipments include YAG laser welding machine and optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, but the difference between the two is that from a simple structure, the optical fiber transmission welding mode is to add optical fiber transmission on the basis of YAG laser, sometimes it is also necessary to add a mirror system. Let's talk about the basic structure and functional application capabilities of the two. Introduction of YAG laser welding machine: YAG laser welding equipment generally adopts an integrated body, and its optical path and welding Workbench are the same platform. The laser accessories to be configured include laser power supply and cold water circulation system, switching power supply, power detector, circuit breaker, and optical path requires a condenser cavity, YAG crystal rod, xenon lamp, red light, optical brake frame (There are 2D frames and 3D frames to distinguish), Beam expander (Sometimes water-cooled beam expanding mirror is required) , 45-degree lens, beam-closing lens and other main accessories, the laser generated by which is pumped by using xenon lamp to generate a certain wavelength of light source and crystal rod. However, xenon lamps produce a wide range of wavelengths, and the wavelengths of light sources that can really produce laser with YAG are less. In terms of producing laser, its effective utilization rate is much worse than that of semiconductor laser, therefore, its power is generally only 100 W- 500 W, which can basically meet the user's application of small and medium power. Due to the structural characteristics of YAG laser welding machine body, its flexibility with automatic intelligent production control is poor, free motion control cannot be realized at the laser output end. To realize certain semi-automation, we can only rely on the operation mode of work, which is greatly limited to the function of the equipment. Introduction of optical fiber transmission laser welding machine: The biggest difference with YAG laser welding machine can be judged from its appearance. Optical fiber transmission is generally separated from the workbench and the light source host, although the laser host is produced by using the YAG pump principle, it should be said that the optical path is the same as the YAG welding equipment, but the user sometimes needs to use multiple optical paths to transmit the laser in order to utilize the efficiency of the equipment, it acts on different worktables respectively, so it is also equipped with split or time-sharing lenses to realize the output of multiple optical fibers. At present, the output of 6 optical paths can be realized, and the laser is transmitted along these optical fibers. The transmission distance is far, the beam quality is stable, and the output laser head and the automatic moving table can realize good flexible processing, to realize multi-dimensional and multi-angle free operation, therefore, many devices on the market that can realize automatic intelligent welding adopt optical fiber transmission mode. The common points of the two are: 1. Using YAG and xenon lamp as the pump source of laser; 2. The laser wavelength is 1064NM infrared light, which cannot be viewed by naked eyes; 3. Mainly aiming at the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts, spot welding, butt welding, overlapping welding, sealing welding and so on can be realized, with high depth ratio and small weld width, the heat affected zone is small, the deformation is small, the welding speed is fast, the weld seam is flat and beautiful, the weld seam quality is high, there is no pore, the precision control is possible, the focus spot is small, and the positioning accuracy is high, optical fiber transmission is easy to realize automation;
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