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The south China sea pool oil projects to speed up the construction of rainwater collection system

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
In the oil refining project is to promote project approved by the south China sea, completes the process package approval introduction, feasibility study, proceed with the site early return to work. Rainwater collection system as one of the project aided engineering pool project since mid-november construction, has completed all earthwork excavation and reinforcement assembling finished half, concrete pouring completed 35%. Main effect is learned, rainwater collection system pool collected rainwater recycling, reduce emissions, green use of resources. To match the local long rivers box culvert has been built in 2017. The project general contracting by petrochina kunlun company, contracting unit of three points. Among them, a pool is 575 meters long, 2 pool is 888 metres long, 757 meters long and three pool length 2. 2 km, pool 14 meters wide, deep pool 4. 5 meters, the total capacity of about 140000 cubic meters. Reporter recently seen in the project construction site, concrete mixer and concrete pump truck is more concrete operations, hot scene construction. According to project related personnel, rainwater collection pool project officially start construction on November 15, 2017, in just 60 days to complete 280000 cubic meters of earthwork excavation and more than 1100 root pile head cut pile work. At present, the project reinforcement assembling finished half; Concrete pouring completed 35%. The project plan to complete 60% of the concrete pouring work before the Spring Festival, in April to putting-in-service proactively conditions before the rainy season.
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