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The third (2019 wuhan International) Water treatment equipment exhibition

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
The third (2019 wuhan International) Water treatment equipment exhibition will be held in November 28 to 30, 2019 held in wuhan international exhibition center. The exhibition to & other; Intelligent water, water conservancy science and technology & throughout; , on the theme of the exhibition area of 20000 square meters, is expected to cover a good pump valve, pipeline and water treatment equipment at home and abroad the whole industry chain products, advanced water technology and solutions. 【 The exhibition scope 】 Sewage treatment equipment, waste water treatment technology and equipment, water treatment technology and equipment, industrial water and urban water treatment technology and equipment, water reuse, water circulation and utilization of new technology, industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment technology and equipment, waste water recycling technology and equipment, the new urban water-saving appliances, applicable technology and products, water treatment systems, automatic control, aerobic, anaerobic treatment, oil-water separation devices, air flotation equipment, electrolytic treatment equipment, aeration equipment, water quality analysis instruments, water quality monitoring and testing instruments and equipment, cutting-edge technology and equipment, desalination water treatment reagents, materials and equipment, filtration equipment, packing and related products; Sludge treatment new technology and new equipment; Sludge, sludge digestion technology policy and planning, sludge, sludge drying, sludge incineration, and composting sludge disposal method and other related research, sludge treatment equipment and pipeline, sludge disposal new technologies, new processes, new equipment, etc. ; Membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment: membrane and membrane module, membrane and membrane component manufacturing technology and manufacturing equipment, membrane materials and auxiliary equipment of membrane separation equipment of complete sets of equipment, membrane separation equipment engineering, membrane separation equipment related technologies, materials, test equipment; Pipe class: all kinds of metal, non-metallic pipe, pipe fittings, pipe, head, reducer, joint, elbow, pipe/cap, pipe laying, pipeline inspection, rectification construction equipment, lifting equipment, related automatic control and remote water supply, etc. ; Pump valve categories: all kinds of metering pump, chemical pump, water pump, oil pump, flow pump, sewage pump; All kinds of butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, balance valve, relief valve, check valve, ball valve, plunger valve, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, regulating valve, safety valve, special valve, high pressure valve, the desulfurization butterfly valve, flange, tee, fluid equipment, etc. ; End water purification/drinking water equipment/accessory products: water purification materials, equipment and apparatus, distilled water, pure water, high pure water system technology and equipment, pure water, mineral water, water filling, disinfection equipment and pharmaceutical, home, office, commercial, industrial water purifiers, water softener, water purification equipment and devices; Accessories: booster pump, joint, control valve, flow meter, water meter, pressure tank, computer boards, chassis, pressure switch, regulated power supply transformer, filter, membrane shell, elbow, tee, water distribution device, bibcock, disinfection, sterilization, etc. ; Services: water, water treatment engineering unit, consultation and design institutions, branches and certification/test service, education, etc.
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