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The ultraviolet laser marking machine under the benefit of 'cold working' is unique

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
In the current precision processing category, the use of UV laser marking machine is also increasingly widespread, UV laser processing process is called 'light erosion' effect, 'cold processing' with high load energy (UV) Photons can interrupt the chemical bonds in the data or surrounding media until the data is damaged by non-thermal processes. This kind of cold processing has a special meaning in laser symbol processing, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold stripping that breaks chemical bonds without the side effect of 'thermal damage, therefore, there is no effect of heating or thermal deformation on the inner layer and adjacent area of the processed appearance. The processed data has lubricated edges and extremely low carbonization. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is very suitable for the current precision machining, and its excellent function is borne by many professions and has become an important processing method in the field of precision machining. UV laser marking machine belongs to a product of laser marking machine series, and it is also a newly developed laser processing skill, because the traditional laser marking machine uses laser as thermal processing skill, the improvement in precision has limited development space, but the selection of ultraviolet laser marking machine is a kind of cold processing, so the precision and heat effect are minimized, which is a great leap in laser skills. Ultraviolet laser processing becomes cold processing because the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons directly separate the molecules on the metal or nonmetal data that need to be processed, but this separation leads to the separation of molecules from the data, this kind of working method does not generate heat, because it does not generate heat, so the ultraviolet laser processing method becomes cold processing, which is the origin and is also different from the traditional laser. On the base of cold processing, the effect of processing product data will be better and better. When cold laser processing is used, the probability of data influence will be reduced to 1%, in this way, the advantages of processing have been fully applied, which is also a great improvement in laser skills. I believe that UV laser will be gradually applied in future laser shopping malls. In recent years, with the rapid development of laser skills, the application of laser skills in different categories has been gradually expanded and widely used in many aspects of current processing, the unique processing method not only solves many problems in current processing, but also puts forward more possibilities for current processing. What are the advantages of UV laser marking machine in processing? UV laser marking machine manufacturers to explain these processing advantages again. 1. The ultraviolet laser is extremely small and has a small heat affected zone together, so it will not affect the peripheral data of the symbol appearance during processing, the subtle laser beam is also satisfied with the current precision processing requirements and the processing requirements of special categories, and is the first choice for customers in the category with higher symbolic effect. 2. The UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, can carry out precise symbols on most of the data, has fast processing speed, high efficiency, good stability of the whole machine, and can be satisfied with mass production and flow operation, it is now a powerful assistant in the field of precision processing. 3. UV laser marking machine has been widely used in high-end shopping malls in the current precision processing category, playing an important role in the current precision processing category, giving us a convenient and efficient solution for precision processing.
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