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The working principle of isobaric triad filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-09
Today to talk about the working principle of the triad pressure filling machine, such as it is well known that triad filling machine the product technology has been widely promoted by the industry. Were reviewed, such as pressure filling machine, such as pressure filling is under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure, first of all, inflatable packaging container to make it equal to the air pressure inside the tank, then depend on the weight of the liquid material into the container. Suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling steam drinks. Bottles of the adjustment is done by turn the handle of each part. It is easy and convenient. Adopt new isobaric filling filling method, the filling speed is faster, more stable, compared with the same specifications, more productive, more efficient. Programmable controller ( PLC) To control the machine to run automatically. Bottle of chain entry by the frequency converter adjusting, compatible with the inverter, the bottle is more stable and reliable running. Photoelectric detection parts of operation, high automation, convenient operation. Second, such as the working principle of pressure filling machine first, packaging container filling, make internal gas pressure of gas pressure is equal to the liquid storage tanks, and then the liquid filling machine into the container. Tank pressure is equal to the pressure inside the bottle, and the weight of the liquid filling into the bottle. Filling valve controlled by pneumatic valve, filling accuracy is higher, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and adopt prevention device, lift filling head. Three, such as pressure filling machine application of canned machine is on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing state technology developed. According to the requirements of Chinese canned beverage production process, a canned equipment is developed. It is mainly used for soda, coke, such as steam wine canned canned. It has the structure, working is stable, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation, the characteristics of high production efficiency. It is the ideal canned equipment mediumsmall scale drink factory. Welcome to choose new us-china source machinery co. , LTD. , jiangsu province, the company specializes in production and triad filling machine product technology development and service, the company to provide customers with safe and reliable triad filling machine products and services, solved the trouble back at home of the broad masses of customers.
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