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The working process of the triad filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-14
Everybody is good, and today to talk about the working process of the triad filling machine, the economic booming area in suzhou, there are a lot of people know the triad filling machine, triad filling machine technology in a leading position in the industry. Triad filling machine adopts modular design, reduce the coupling between organizations; The machine adopts CNC machining equipment, high mechanical strength, durability is better than that of similar products; Equipment of electric control and transmission core. Using high quality imported accessories, ensure the stability of the equipment; Standard static cutting high stability the bottle, bottle on the standard. Bottle type highly inclusive. The working process of the triad filling machine is roughly same, round bottle, in turn, by dialing separation, the bottle by the star wheel rotating paper into washing department. After a certain track, rotated 180 degrees the bottle, bottle mouth downward, the bottle is sprayed with water to clean. After row of the water, the bottle again by a specific orbit rotated 180 degrees, bottle up, through the star wheel. Fill in the fill section and began to fill. Immediately after filled with a lid on it. The corresponding sections of filling equipment of all kinds of beverage filling and nut in detail, here also. Triad filling machine's main features are: 1, the machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation, high automation. 2, change the bottle shape need to replace the star wheel cover parts, guide arc plate can be realized. 3, contact with the material of the parts made from high quality stainless steel, no processing dead Angle, easy to clean. 4, triad filling machine adopts high speed filling valve, liquid level and accurate, and no fluid loss, ensure the filling process requirement. 5, sealing head adopts magnetic constant torque device, ensure the quality of the sealing cover, will not damage the cap. 6, triad filling machine adopts efficient sealing system, has the perfect automatic control and protection devices. 7, is equipped with overload protection device, can effectively protect the safety of the equipment and operating personnel. 8, the control system has a production speed control, lack of cover test count bottle, automatic stop, production, and other functions. 9, the main electric components and pneumatic components for the product. 10, the whole machine adopts advanced touch screen control, simple operation. Triad filler is mainly used for filling drinks. The machine combines washing, filling and capping three functions together. The whole process is automatic. Suitable for polyester, bottles of juice, mineral water, pure water filling. Bottle shape of each part to adjust the handle rotation, easy and convenient. Adopt new atmospheric pressure filling filling method, the filling speed is faster, more stable, so compared with the same specifications of the machine, higher yield, benefit is bigger. The triad filling machine adopts advanced OMRON programmable controller ( PLC) To control the filling machine to run automatically, and cooperate with the main converter, make filling machine running more stable and reliable. Photoelectric detection parts of operation, easy to operate. The sealing method and common on the market the security cover and plastic cover to match, wide application scope. Jiangsu zhangjiagang new source machinery factory mainly engaged in the production of triad filling machine technology and the development and service, welcome to come to consult. Companies with good quality and service, affordable price, the customer first attitude to each customer to provide triad filling machine products and services.
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