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To improve the quality of laser marking machining, manufacturers suggest starting from

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Whether it is a laser marking machine or other laser processing equipment, all equipment needs daily maintenance to ensure the technological level of equipment production and to extend the validity period of the exciting processing equipment. The same is true for laser marking machines, the following provides you with some daily maintenance knowledge of laser marking equipment. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please continue reading. 1, cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation, wipe at any time: the cleaning and maintenance of the machine tool is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the machine tool. Imagine a person's joints are not flexible, how can he act? By the same token, the machine tool guide rail is a high-precision core component, which must be wiped clean after each work is completed to keep it smooth and smooth; Each bearing should also be oiled regularly, so that the drive can be flexible, the two-dimensional code engraving process is accurate, and the service life of the laser engraving machine can be prolonged. 2. Maintenance of the fan: After the fan works for a period of time, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the fan and the exhaust pipe. The dust will affect the exhaust efficiency of the fan, resulting in a large amount of dust that cannot be discharged. Maintenance method: loosen the connecting hose between the exhaust pipe and the fan, remove the exhaust pipe, and clean out the dust in the exhaust pipe and the fan. Maintenance period: about one month. 3. Maintenance of lens: after the machine works for a period of time, the lens will stick a layer of ash on the surface due to the working environment, which will reduce the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the light transmittance of the lens, finally affects the working power of the laser. Maintenance method: gently wipe the lens surface clockwise with absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to wipe off dust. 4, the fastening of the Screw: laser marking machine after a certain period of work, the screw at the joint of the movement may produce loose, after the screw is loose, it will affect the stability of the mechanical movement. Maintenance method: tighten the screws one by one with tools attached at random. Maintenance period: about one month. 6. Cooling water should be unblocked: whether using tap water or circulating water pump, the water flow must be kept unblocked. Cooling water takes away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (With 15-20 ℃ water temperature is better); When water is cut off, the tube end will burst due to heat accumulation in the laser cavity, even damaging the laser power supply. Therefore, it is very necessary to check whether the cooling water is unblocked at any time. When the water pipe has a hard fold (Dead Bend) Or fall off, even when the water pump fails, it must be repaired in time to avoid power drop or even damage to the equipment.
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