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top-selling drink mixer competitive price for sale

top-selling drink mixer competitive price for sale

Top-selling drink mixer competitive price for sale

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J&D Drinking Water Equipment's blow moulding machine is widely used in various industries and fields.J&D Drinking Water Equipment is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.
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  • J&D Drinking Water Equipment constantly improves product quality and service system. Our commitment is to provide quality products and professional services.
Company Advantages
1. The designer of J&D WATER uv sterilizer have quality in mind during the design phase.
2. The product has the required energy efficiency. It is able to run smoothly under energy-saving settings while providing specific functionality.
3. The manufacturing and welding of Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.'s products is a very precise and reliable process.
4. Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. achieves product innovation and continuously enhances the core competitiveness in these years.

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Stainless Steel Water Tank


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◇◆ Product advantages

All the machines’s electronic component which product by ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

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◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.


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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, our company can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Company Features
1. As a competitive manufacturer of uv sterilizer , Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is believed to be the preferred choice company specializing in the R&D, design, and production.
2. With great service and excellent product quality, not only have we won the overseas markets, but we have also been rewarded praises from domestic and foreign customers.
3. Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. centers on updating the latest technology to produce drink mixer with higher efficiency. Inquiry! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing you with better products and better solutions with professional skills and enthusiasm. Inquiry! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. upholds the culture that puts people first. Inquiry! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.'s mission is to provide high-value products and services on global scale. Inquiry!
I have a small (150gal) pond with a few goldfish. The water was so green you couldn't really see the fish, just an orange glow under the water. Had tried numerous chemicals but nothing worked. Saw this and thought what have I got to lose? Installation was easy, put it inline with my existing filter and discharging into my waterfall. The unit is compact and easy to hide and requires little or no maintenance. After 2 weeks the pond water is the clearest I have seen it in can actually see the fish and the water lily plants on the bottom. Definately worth the money and delivery was fast as always. Would recommend to anyone with "pea soup" pond water. It works and it beats loading up the pond with potentially damaging chemicals.
I have approx a 1300 gal pond that had the classic green water. Couldn't see the fish unless they were feeding. After three days of use, I can already see the fish 2 feet down. And I only attached an aquarium powerhead as the pump. Still have a ways to go, but it is doing it's job. I would recommend for sure.
I've owned this and run it almost everyday. The UV light is still working. I would only recommend this one for a small pond
works really good. my pond is about 4x6 and it keeps it clear. have to figure out how to make it work inline with my filter. work in progress as always
I love this product it cleared my pond in less than two weeks. You will love this product and so will your koi/goldfish when their not bumping into each other. I have a video on Youtube of the results.
works great and keeps the water clear
i got one thing to say about this pond clarifier i love it
This product is wonderful! I was almost ready to give up on my algae problem! After just one day my water is crystal clear!
It took about a week after I got this installed in my pond but it worked great. My pond was so green with algae I could not see anything below the surface, and I had spent a lot on algaecide to try to clear it. The UV light worked much better without chemicals. I highly recommend it.
Very pleased with results! Pond went from deep, dark green to crystal clear in about a week total. Saw results in two days, and better every day. Still running 24/7, but hopefully next year, will only run as needed.
my old one kept the pond clearer
I would recommend hose clamp on the connections as i had one disconnect. great product and i would buy one again.
So happy I bought this UV light. After a week the pond is all clear.
I could not even see my fish in my pond because the water was so green. After about a week, the pond clarifier cleared up the water and I could see my fish again! Thanks!!!
Charged Maswater followed directions and the product so far works great. Can see the light doing it's sterilization. Cool item glad I purchased it. A+++
All plumbed in. Works good so far.
Work well, as described
ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY!!!!!.....I was skeptical at first because most review showed mostly freshwater tanks...I have a 75G saltwater that had a bacteria outbreak...water was murky and I could barely see through the tank... bought this little puppy and 24hrs later my tank looked like something outta a pet store showing off it's prize tank!!! fact the sterilizer made the water clearer than my initial setup...easy install...Good investment...YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED...
Amazing product!!!! I didn't suspect algae to be my problem and I'm not convinced it was. I had milky water and after water tests concluded I had a bacterial bloom in my water column that even after 2 months wouldn't go away. Parameters were fine IMO: .25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5 PPM nitrate. I used the API water test kit and I've read the ammonia test is not accurate by any means. After 5 days running the 24W Green Killing Machine my water is crystal clear. I assume it destroyed the bacteria in the water column and I couldn't be happier. 60 Gallon aquarium, 6 x African Cichlids, Fluval 306 w/ SeaChem Matrix added, 24W GKM, and powerhead w/ filter floss used occasionally. Best purchase I've made.
Great device cleared up my green water in 5 days. It was hooked to my small pump that circulates 1200 gallons an hour. Check out the before and after pictures.
Installed this in my 150 gallon aquarium, yes I know a bit of overkill, but I was having trouble with algae. Cleared up the water overnight!! Super easy to install too! Installed after my canister filtration and it doesn’t restrict flow at all.
This sterilizer is amazing. I bought it for my cousin who’s a mobile nail tech and she never leaves the house without it now. She loves how quick it sterilizer her nail implements and how they are all able to fit inside, as not all of them are the same size.
Nice shape and size, it fit for my dental brush..
Great machine... no problems. Rick
So far this has worked very well for me. I don't use it a ton, mostly to sterilize brushes after quats while drying and to sterilize my Lash tablets. I use a heat sterilizer after quats for my metal implements. It does beep pretty loud when the timer is done so I guess that can be annoying if you have a client on the table at the time.
For now my sterilizer works very good and decorates my office
Does a excellent job.
It's so cute and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I'm so glad I found this stylish looking device. And I LOVE that it has shelves.
As the proud owner of a Fluval EVO 13.5G nano reef tank, I have been looking for a UV sterilizer that would fit inside the cozy confines of the 3rd equipment chamber of my all-in-one tank. The AA mini Green Killing Machine fits nicely in the back pump chamber with the sponge and sponge guard removed - as this is in the rear equipment chamber I am not worried about tank inhabitants being pulled in, so there is no need for the guard / sponge back there. I have run this mini green killing machine for about an hour during the day, at initial setup. My water which I considered to be very clean, did appear to be even cleaner after that hour. PROS - 1) Very easy to setup - suction cups on the pump attach to wall of the tank, and plug it in - installation DONE. 2) It is small - so it fits in tight areas 3) UV Bulb has an enclosure - most all-in-one tanks have some plastic on them, and UV light is the number 1 enemy of plastic - it will quickly destroy most plastics. The UV bulb on the mini Green Killing Machine is contained in a plastic enclosure, that gets replaced when the bulb is replaced. No worries about damage to the plastic chamber dividers in my all-in-one! 4) There is a box in the electrical line for the UV light that has an LED to show that the UV light is working. It also indicates when the bulb needs to be replaced. Very useful as the UV light is completely contained in the enclosure, so there is no way of seeing if the bulb is actually working (and NOT a good idea to look at a UV light anyway ...) CONS - A) The mini green killing machine requires 2 plugs to operate. One for the pump and one for the UV light. When you're dealing with an aquarium, and all of the other components involved, available plugs are at a premium. It would be nice for this to be redesigned to include only 1 plug - maybe on the LED notifier box that shows the bulb is working a plug could be included there? So you would plug the pump into that box, then plug that box into the wall - only one outlet required then. B) The mini green killing machine is noisy! This is a minor con, as it is setup on a timer to run from 2am - 2:30am, so no one will really hear the noise. But it is VERY noisy!
I was very skeptical about buying this product at first, after reading a couple reviews I decided to purchase it myself. Before I found out about a UV Sterilizer I tried so many different things to help with my green water issue, it didn't matter how many times I cleaned my aquarium. How much I cut back on feeding or keeping the light on, That green water always seem to came back within a day or 2 and I was annoyed because I couldn't even see my fish. I had it bad with this water. After getting it, I immediately installed this bad boy in my 10 Gallon Aquarium and yes, it takes time but as you can see in the photos, This is WORTH IT! Not only did this helped my green water issue, but my water is now crystal clear and I can actually SEE my fish! I recommend this product to anyone having green water in your tank constantly, not only did it helped me, but it can definitely help you! Before i forget! No just because you have this, does not mean you should stop doing your weekly water changes, keep doing your water changes as that can help in the long run as well. this is not a substitute for water changes nor does it replace your regular water filter. Other than that, I rate this a solid 10/10!
So far this unit is working really well! My 10 g planted tank is cycled and I test the water parameters with the API test kit weekly; ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0 and nitrates are usually around 40 ppm before I do a PWC. My problem is that my tank gets cloudy, even with weekly PWC's. I switched to an AQ 30 filter that moves up to 150 GPH, but that alone still doesn't keep my tank crystal clear. I had this filter on 5 days and by the 5th day it was crystal clear. I love it!! I placed it in the back corner and hung some java moss over the top; there are also planted ferns in front of it, so it doesn't look too bad. I'm sure my fish appreciate clear water!! They like to swim against the current!! I leave it in the tank and unplug it at night. Some days I leave it off, until the water starts to look cloudy again and I plug it back in. It's a bit cumbersome to have 2 plugs for this unit, but I'm pleased with the results and the rather compact size compared to other units. The directions on this were incomplete, IMO, as they don't say what the red light indicates!! At first I thought it meant something was wrong, but for this unit, the red light on indicates the UV light is working, LOL!! It is rather easy to clean as well. You have access to the sponge on the bottom and the impeller at the top. You can't access the UV light, to replace, you purchase the entire mid section of the unit. If your unit is rattling, check the output on the top, if you turn it too far down, not enough water is expelled and it will cause a rattling noise.
My freshwater tank was green and no matter how many water changes I did, it made no difference, until I bought this. Did no harm to my angelfish and glo fish. I then moved the location of the tank to a darker place which helped reduce algae. Once the water was clear after 2 weeks, I removed it from the tank to save on the bulb hours.
Perfect. I think the negative reviews are people who don't get the impeller soaked or it has air inside. Need to get the air out of the inside first. Will update in the comments if it quits. Been like 2 weeks so far.
This is a weak 3W UV light. I thought it was strong enough to clear the clouded green water in my small tank. But it didn't work after a few days of continous operation. I guess the 9W version will have a better change but those was too big for small tanks. However, it can do a great job to maintain the tank between each water change.
If you are having any doubts about about buying this system, don't, its amazing. My 10 gal. had been having a bad algae problem on and off and nothing I did was solving the issue. I decided to invest in this system to see if it could clear up my water. Set up and installation was beyond easy and within 5 days of running non stop my tank was crystal clear, after that I turned it off and my water remained clear. I am beyond impressed by the power of this system and would recommend it to anyone that is having a water column algae issue.
This works exactly as advertised. It took about six days but my nano tank is crystal clear again from a full algae bloom. I took it out after it did it’s job and I’m only going to use it situationally as the blooms occur. Photo 1 is day 1; photo 2 is day 3; and photo 3 is day 7
My tank was very green...wish I had taken pics. My tank is in my office that has a lot of natural light as well as fluorescent lights. I could tell a difference in the water after 3 days. On the 4th day I vacuumed the tank which took about half the water out and the tank now is clear as a bell. I keep it going 24/7 due to the amount of natural light I have in my office.
Been fighting algae for weeks and finally the Green Killin Machine has solved my problem. 2 weeks withou have to do partial water change. YEAH
The aquarium came crystal clear very quickly. The water almost looks polished if that makes sense. Only had the unit for about a month now, and am not sur how long the bulb lasts, but so far this is very impressive. I use it in conjunction with a standard filter but this could perhaps be used stand-alone in a very small (5 gal) tank.
Why on earth didn't I get one of these to begin with! I have a 29 gal, planted tank with community fish. I have always done 20% water changes every weekend and maintained my canister filter every 3 weeks to a month. By the end of the week, my plants, gravel and grass have always had an algae layer. Recently, it bloomed big time and the entire tank turned into this nasty green cloud that you couldn't even see 12" into. I tried doing a 40% change twice in one week in combination with cleaning the foam, changing the polishing pad and replacing the ZeoCarb in the canister. It was significantly clearer, but came back. I needed to find a solution fast as it was very unsightly and I'm sure the fish weren't loving life either. After a little Google research, I found a video on Youtube with a guy preaching about UV sterilizers and how well they work. His aquarium was so crystal clear that I couldn't believe there was actually water in it. He did name the specific brand that he was using, but said just about any brand would work. He also said that his was only about $30 and that it had been working for years. His was an inline model and didn't have it's own power head like this unit. Actually, it could have made for a cleaner install to go with an inline, and I'm sure it would be more bulletproof not having a power head to go out. But, I'm already using an inline water heater and there isn't a lot of room left between the canister and the tank. Also, I didn't like the idea of having more connections in the line, so I decided to give this unit a try. At $40, if I only get a year out of it, I'll still be pleased. Anyways, after 6 days of running it 12hrs per day, my water is crystal clear. I also do not have the usual algae layer. No visible algae anywhere...HOORAY! My wife, who has always sneered and muttered stuff every time she's passed by the aquarium, is now complimenting it and saying how beautiful it looks. Even if you don't go with this brand or model, if you are wondering if a UV sterilizer would be a good addition to your aquarium... get one! You'll be glad you did.
This filter is not for bulk filtering, but for keeping the microbes down in your tank. Our turtle tank tends to get yucky too fast, so I thought I would try a UV sterilizer. Some good points: easy install. Pumps adequate flow to keep the bacteria count down (improving the smell!) Needs attention: The suction cups that mount the transformer are inadequate. After a month they no longer adhere to the side of the tank (or anything else) despite cleaning the glass. Also, the filter that fits on the side of the pump to keep out debris falls out too easily and doesn't want to stay in place. A cover is needed to help provide the necessary restraint (like you would see on a window air conditioner filter). So, no major gripes - it works!
I have my tank for 7 months and the water clarity was inconsistent maybe because I keep adding fishes and plants. I did research on how to get a crystal clear water and UV sterilizer always comes up. I finally got tired staring at my hazy fish tank so I decided to give this a try. Man, this thing really works! I never had this crystal clear water, now I enjoy my tank more than ever before. The picture shows day 1 and 3 weeks after. I may have to turn it off from time to time to grow some algae for my algae eaters. Make sure to clean your filters to remove all the dead stuff. I still do my 10-15% weekly water change and feed my fishes once a day (consumed within 30 seconds). Also, I recommend using this after cycling the tank since this might kill the good guys as well.
I should start by saying that I did not need a UV unit for my tank, I just wanted to try one out; so I cannot offer any real insight into the effectiveness of this unit on a tank that actually needs one. I have a 20 gallon long (12x12x30") freshwater tank, and was looking for a small UV unit to try out that would fit in my tank. This unit is very small and adjustable and managed to fit well both horizontally and vertically within a 12" space. The pump on it is locked down at a very low power setting, almost low enough to make it hard to see if it is on. The lamp is fully enclosed in its own module and no light leaks out during operation. Due to the light being fully enclosed, you cannot see the bulb, or really verify its operation. Things I liked: -Very small, inexpensive, and appears to be well built for the price and function. -Decent quality little pump, Id expect to pay $20ish just for the pump. -Pump, light and head are all detachable from each-other and provide for a large degree of rotation allowing this to fit into some really weird spaces. -It has a little filter sponge (comes with 2 extra) that provides some filtration (I think more to keep the light clean than actually filter the tank). Things I wasn't a fan of: -There is an outboard "power box" which is the CCFL transformer that you have to find a place to stick on or near the outside of your tank. Its ugly, and it has 2 wires coming from the pump and bulb, and an additional wire going to a large power brick. The whole thing electrically is very ugly and I imagine this is part of why the unit is affordable. -The power brick is huge, about 3x4x4 inches square. -You cannot adjust the flow-rate of the pump, they claim it is on purpose but I wish you could. Overall for the price and size it is reasonably well built and engineered. As I said, its ugly, and after I tried it out I took it out of the tank and put it in storage for when I actually have an algae or bad bacterial bloom, but boy was it ugly when it was installed. Do not buy this for your nano reef tank that is an artistic piece of work, you wont be able to hide all the wires in a way that makes you happy. But it does seem like a well built little UV workhorse. I feel my money was well spent.
Great so far. Very roomy too.
OK Folks this is an UPDATE from my original post. My first post stated that I wasn't sure if the unit was operating correctly, or if the bulb was bad. I feel somewhat embarrassed to admit this BUT... Check to ensure that the bulb during shipment may not of come loose. after running it for almost two days I noticed while checking mine that the connection for the bulb seems to be strictly a Friction Fit, and during shipment it did slide slightly out of it's socket. Thus causing the bulb to not come on. In less then a day with the unit working properly the extremely green water was becoming clear enough you could see the fish again. So again Folks check all the connections prior to placing it in your tank. I still only give it a 4 star thou, because as others stated the instructions are useless other then to look at the pictures, also what in the heck is the air tube for??
I have a 30 gallon fresh water aquarium. I did frequent water changes and tested the water faithfully but still had a bad algae issue that just wouldn't clear up. Within 36 hours of installing the UV light/filter, my tank went from a mucky green to crystal clear (see photo). My fish are happier and I love having the aquarium light on and looking at it! I highly recommend this product. Drawback: Instructions came with the product but were written by someone with little understanding of the English language. That being said, no assembly was really required. Just attach inside aquarium, plug in to outlet and let it prime itself for a few minutes. No problem with it working.
Just got this today, Read all the reviews and many people told me about getting one to be cloudy. Numbers are ok and my Tank is about a month old. It's a 60 Gallon and so far it's blowing out powerful and I like it so far. I'll update in a while, I posted some pic's from today,I'll update later. Today is 12/1/2018.... UPDATE****2/27/19 Just looked at the bottom of this UV filter and after only a couple months the bulb was burned out. If you buy this make sure you get extra bulbs. I don't know why so quick but in the beginning it did help my tank well lately my tank is starting to get cloudy so I looked at the bottom and the light was barely blinking which should have been on constant. I am happy with it but not happy about already replacing the bulb....... UPDATE****3/30/19.....NOW THIS UV FILTER IS BARLEY WORKING. IT DOES WORK AND HAS WORKED BUT IT'S THE END OF MARCH AND FOR IT TO BARLEY PUMP AND AIR OUT ISNT GOOD. I'VE CLEANED IT OUT AND IT'S STILL THE SAME. NEEDS TO BE A WARRENTY ON THIS!!
For myself it worked great. I read other reviews and went off the advice of other purchasers, and ran the pump in a bucket overnight, then washed every part(except the bulb and socket) in lukewarm/hot soapy water and let them air dry overnight. I did not have any problems with productions grease or oils affecting my fish. I also do not leave this running all the time. I used it to clear my tank of algae, and once clean, I removed it to keep in storage. In the photos you can see the before and after, and for sizing, i included a picture of it in the tank(46gal bowfront).
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