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top-selling Ozonator Generator Machine favorable quality for customization

top-selling Ozonator Generator Machine favorable quality for customization

Top-selling Ozonator Generator Machine favorable quality for customization

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◇◆ Application

JNDWARER (CIP) systems are automated systems used to clean the interior surfaces of food and beverage process pipes, processing vessels, tanks, spiral freezers, mixers, blenders, homogenizers, roasters and associated fittings, without disassembling the process. Thorough, repeatable in-place cleaning is critical to the quality of your product, the safety of consumers-and your bottom line.




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◇◆ Product advantages

All the machines’s electronic component which product by ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

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◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.


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Quality Assurance

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In-kind shooting

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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, our company can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Nice design, easy to use, and you can sterlize not only the bottles but toys and other stuff! (Even your smartphones!)
It's pricey but, worth it. It has big enough space for the bottles and saves time! Love it!
We were having a huge algae bloom after a water change in our 75 gal office tank. It would not clear no matter how fine of filter media was used and you couldn't hardly see the fish or the back of the tank. We got this based on price and not knowing how to rig up a more expensive UV system and placed it in the back of our tank behind a partition so the light didn't reach the fish. We left it on for three days and it barely started to clear the water but it was working. We turned it off for the weekend while no one was in the office then ran it for Half the day the following Monday-Wednesday. The water looks great now and we use it once a week to help clear things up. For the price its worth trying and even if it goes out tomorrow I think we got our moneys worth out of it.
If you have money invested in fish, fresh or saltwater, the best filters, then you need a type of insurance that prevents diseases which are always present when a fish is nurtured purchased and handled from vendor to vendor, finally making it to your fish tank. I have one in every salt water and fresh water tank I own. Unfortunately I did not know of these devices and the concept of an "isolation tank" to keep a fish under a watchful eye, looking for signs of illness. I lost 800 dollars worth of saltwater fish because one vendor did not have UV sterilizers on his tanks. Not only did I end up with the fish disease ich, but also an unknown parasite. I watched my fish become weak, not eating, then die in a domino effect until I lost every one over the course of 5 days. This unit is installed in most well regarded Pet Stores to prevent loss of their fish. Unfortunately, my pet store did not have a working UV system and I was sold diseased fish. This does more than clarify water, it kills and protects your fish from diseases. It is crucial for you to have one in every tank you own to protect your fish from illness. It does clarify water by reducing the need for water frequent water changes. It is NOT a water clarifying solution. As for directions, the unit is "Plug and Play" with a warning not to let it dip below the water line. Cons: fuses are expensive and they will fail in a few years time so it is cheaper to buy a new unit. Therefore keep an eye on the red light located on the outside perimeter to be sure the unit is working. Also, make sure you unplug it BEFORE you do a water change or it will break. I am speaking from experience as I have made the mistake recently. There are two plugs on some units. Unplug both.
excellent product I use on my 110 gallon very small in size but does great job I can read a magazine through my tank no more algae on my glass or my sand
The unit works great. Delivered quickly. this is a replacement for the Same unit. Make sure u turn off when found a water change and on only when water is back in tank.
Love this item. Very easy to use and it is great that you can totally submerge it. The replacement bulbs are expensive as I bought a spare to have on hand.
The pricing kinda ridiculous for a easily burnout uv lamp in a plastic housing. Once you unplug the pump, you'll need to use something (like toothpick) to push and turn the propellers in order to kick start the motor for the pump to continue working. After using the pump for a while, the motor will not be strong enough to overcome the static friction and spinning from rest. For this price, I expected it work when I replace it, but it isn't as convenient because the pump and uv section are seperate.
I have a 1500 gallon pond and the pump/filter needed to be replaced. The pond clarity was very bad and I did some looking around for solutions. Very happy I changed out the filter with this Flexzion. It was easy to setup and install. Was worried about the UV light, but waited till nightime and then you could see it working through the sightglass. This filter cleared my murky pond in less than a week. I can finally see my fish and turtles again!
I have had many aquariums and ponds this is the best filter I have ever had it makes my pond crystal clear.
The filter works fantastic! I would have given it 5 stars but the directions sent with it are a little vague. I do have to say that their customer service was terrific! I had questions about how to set up the filter and heard back from someone the same day! Our pond was cloudy and it was hard to see the bottom. After using the filter for 24 hours our pond was completely clear! I would definitely recommend this product!
Contains a lot of useful information, I just wish it was a bit easier to find specific portions more quickly. Overall, a good addition to my aquarium reference library.
This is a fantastic resource. It is the only guide I needed to get my aquarium up and running. I'm a complete novice and I like how this book keeps things simple. It tells you what you need to know without bogging you down in a bunch of extra stuff that you don't. It is perfect for beginners. If you want to be successful with your first aquarium, then I'd recommend you get this book.
This book has given me a very clear idea of what I need to do to set up a successful aquarium. The directions are detailed without being overwhelming. It's true that the author, who knows quite a lot, is fairly opinionated, but I believe his opinions are valid and helpful. I certainly can ignore his opinions if I choose, but why would I want to--he knows whereof he speaks. I'm looking forward to setting up a lovely aquarium following his advice. A great book!
I guided the work according to the instructions, and I used the smell of all the shoes for a few days. Because it can't work continuously for too long, I need to guarantee its service life.
So far, so good. Works as advertised. For those that have said they are using this in their main display tank, please stop immediately. The UV can kill your fish if directly exposed. This disclosure insert was included with the sterilizer, and makes it very clear to install it in a filter or sump where the light can not leak out.
First I have to say, I am OCD when it comes to my tanks. If they dont look or run perfect constantly, it drives me insane. One thing I hate is when you do a water change, or a vaccuming and cleaning of a tank, and it makes the beneficial bacteria explode into a bloom causing algea blooms or other water problems, making your water look cloudy or foggy. Sometimes it takes days or even a week or more to clear up, and by that time your doing water changes again, causing the problem to start all over again. So after talking to a few other aquarium hobbyists they suggested a UV light. I ordered this one because it was the first one that popped up on the search. I ordered the 7watt light just to try it out. I am glad I did. The package arrived and the product box was inside and it was a rather sturdy box. Inside was a foam sleeve that was protecting the UV light from damage during shippong and storage. The light itself isnt brittle feeling or cheap feeling. The glass looks thick and the light itself is rather well made in my opinion. I have ordered stuff before and it looks like it was made in someones garage and put on here. This was not the case with this light. The light comes with 2 snuggly fitting suction cups that attatch to the light. The power cord is not thin and is attached so that it shouldnt break from normal use, it also has a decent cord length. There is a rocker button, switch box, closer to the plug end so you do not have to keep unplugging and plugging the light in. Now for the actual use of the light. With these UV lights you MUST KEEP IT FROM DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE FISH it is harmful tonthe fish if they do and may end up killing them. You must put it in a filter, sump or somewhere the fish cannot get to it. There are even ways of putting them in the direct water line, just do a search and you'll see videos and other ways of hiding it. You should only use this 2 to 3 hours at a time, and only every 2 to 3 days or twice a week max. DO NOT RUN IT CONSTANTLY, if you do you may kill your beneficial bacteria in the tank and thats not good thing, because your tank may crash, causing everything to die.This is not a main tank light. I decided to put this UV light in my sump that filters 3x 20 gallon tanks. So roughly 80 gallons of water including the sump. The pictures show the results. The first one shows where I put the light and how cloudy the water was. The second one shows the results of using it twice. I was very pleased how fast it worked, and how crystal clear the water was. I will be using it on my 55 gallon next, just rotating it in and out of my 11 tanks as it is needed. This was one of the better purchases for my tanks that I will be using consistently, as the tanks need it. The overall quality and operation of this UV light was way better then what I expected. Definitely by this one if your lookig for a UV light or a way to make your aquarium water look even clearer.
this light was a last effort to get my green algae bloom under control i tried using aglae treating ment it worked for a short time then it got resistant to the chemical and i didnt want to dump my tank and start over so i remembered reading about uv lights and how the kill growth. of bacteria and algae . my next problem was placement of the uv light because you dont wasnt to expose your fix to the light. so the filter was my only simple option so i found this uv light that was smaller than the other one and it fit my large 60 gallon aquatech tank filter i cut a litle notch in the cover for the cord and tucked the light behind my filters. it took about a week to start seeing the light was actually working i couldnt see my gold fish till the came up to the glass of the tank lol. it was really bad. so thanks for this affordable light it saved my some work and my gold fish and the few plants i have are happy with the new light i got also very simple but effective uv light it works
Although I didnt get a before picture l can tell you that my tank looked like someone had poured milk into my tank and water changes made it worst. I placed the uv light horizontally into the backside of the power filter. In three days and 20% water change it started clearing up rapidly, this is how it looks in a total of three weeks and two more 20% water changes, the tank is crystal clear. I'm wasn't sure if I should take it out or not so I've just left it in for now without any harm to the fish what so ever (always read the instructions) as long as the light stays away from the fish. Excellent product for clearing up cloudy tanks caused by bacteria blooms or other parasites. I would recommend this product hands down it works.
It gets very hot, good enough for killing germs, but pot isn’t as big as I thought it would be
Does what it should
Amazing and came on the 2 day schedule shipping!! Just be careful to not burn yourself
Excellent. Works as it should.
Excelente aparato
As good as I expected!
Very beautiful and affordable disinfection lamp, has been working normally so far, I have always felt that my shoes are too stinky, although it is caused by bacteria on my feet. This disinfection lamp solves my troubles and it is very practical.
So far so good. Flow rate seams to be lower than stated as per many reviews, but I ordered it based on the reviews. Does fine in a heavily planted 55gl tank and a 30 long turtle tank. Uv (not on for 24/7) has been fine after a month. First note- there are many of these filters sold under different names, all made by Sun Sun. I have ordered two different brands (not Sun Sun) based on price and received Sun Sun boxed filters. I researched prior and expected this. Buy by price, it's the same filter. My next will be a 525 gl per hour version (regardless of branding). Second note- after you fill the media trays, fill the filter with water from your tank to the top of the trays. People who have complained about how much they had to pump the primer button have not shown much common sense. Final note- the top tray is perfect size for 2 puregen 100 ml bags (yes, I know two is overkill).
Ok.. 4 stars.. 1 star taken out dude to the instructions. I ended up watching a YouTube video and it became a simple setup. Took about 15 minutes all together. I'm using this on a 20 gallon aquarium that am currently "priming" for the next few days and then it will be loaded up with fishes, snails, and live plants. So far so good! Can't even hear the pump on this run that's how quiet it is. I've read reviews that it leaks, hard to prime. Here are a couple of suggestions. To keep it from leaking, make sure the cover is shitted properly. The cover(pump housing) has an o-ring and so does the UV light tube. I have o-ring grease that I use on my underwater camera housing and smudged some of that on. If you look closely when first getting it, the o-rings have a little bit of grease so just apply a little more. For priming, before I closed the lid, I filled the canister to the top of the top most media container. Closed the lid and started pumping it up. I did that until the intake and discharge tube was filled with water. To turn on the pump you have to plug it in. No ON/Off switch for it. Only switch there is for the UV light. As soon as the pump turns on it will cavitate some dude to air left in the canister. Keep pumping on that primer pump until you don't see anymore air bubbles on the discharge tube and the intake tube is completely filled. Another suggestion is to keep the UV light off. You don't have to keep that on 24/7 or else you'll be replacing it every year. 1-2 days a week will be good. You need the good bacteria to built up on the medias so having it on will pre6them from reproducing. All in all a great pump for the price. Will be getting another one for my other tank.
I bought this after someone gave me a used one, which I promptly broke. I ordered a replacement and was glad I did. Great little filter, a bit low flow compared to its rating-I think 50 gallons is about as high as I would go with it. Great design though, the UV bulb did wonders for my water clarity and the filter baskets are large. Having dealt with other brands over the years I would say it's on a par with most as far as issues go-never force a fitting or pull hard, if something is not easily going together or coming apart check the manual and your grip as all of these seem to be made of the same type of plastic that can be snapped by careless or rough handling. Priming is far easier than on other canisters I have used, volume is high, and intake and return fittings are well designed. I've had higher end brands of filters that were so frustrating to seal and prime that I quit using them, not realizing this was out there... Should have bought one years ago.
I'm really happy with this filter. I finally got tired of maintaining my sump and switched back to canister filters after about 5 years. I bought fluvial fx4 for my HEAVILY OVERSTOCKED 75g cichlid tank. Nervous I wasn't getting enough bio filtration, I decided to add this as well. I filled it with eheim's bioballs and turned it on. It's effortless. I actually like it better than my fluvial fx4. The biggest selling point for me is the easy disconnect that also work as an on/off valve. (the fluvial is a pain to close the valves, use super human strength to squeeze disconnect and difficult to reconnect both hoses.With this one cleaning is a breeze! Just lift up lever on intake/return and carry it off. No turning ball valves and unscrewing threading. To reattach simple lower lever and pump once (fluvial doesn't have a pump, canister must be full or it turns it's self off). Absolute pleasure! If I had to knock it, I would complain about flow. Its simply not very strong. I would not recommend this in anything more than a mildly stocked 55gallon. If they made the same system with a much stronger pump I would trade my $350 fluvial for it.
Great filter, works just as well as some of the more expensive external canister filters out there, but at a budget price. I have it set up in a 20 gallon tall aquarium for a turtle. Loaded the trays with the filters on the bottom, seachem matrix mixed with some of the ceramic media that comes with the filter in the last two trays and finally carbon at the top. Water is perfectly clear and a UV sterilizer is a nice bonus. Not really the best set up for purifying your water of every bacteria and virus, but it'll definitely help with algae. Now putting it together was easy, if you have some common sense. The instructions included are hardly useful, but can be figured out. If you get stumped don't worry this model is essentially the same as the SunSun 403 or 402 I think, and there's probably some documentation or how to's floating out there on the web. Speaking of SunSun the replacement filter pads for this are probably the same as the 403 or 402 I believe, be sure to double check. Better yet get yourself a nice big cut of filter foam and cut new pads yourself. Usually lasts longer (and usually cheaper) and depending on how fine the foam is helps clear out gunk even better. Now that you got a fancy filter don't forget to maintain it and clean at least once a month, these things aren't invincible after all. As for the seller shipping was fast and the packaging wasn't the best, but everything arrived no worse for the wear and the filter has been running well over a week now for me with no issues. Glad I got it and I'm sure my turtle is too.
Love this guy. Very similar to SunSun brand but much cheaper. Honestly i feel like they are the same thing under different brand names. Come with 3/4 inch( i believe 3/4 OD and 5/8 ID) but tubing is provided. Separate switch for the UV light, but id rather have a seperate power cord so i can hook it up to a timer. Love the idea that it comes with media, which can be the expensive part. Very quiet all around.
Like most other reviews, I had a little difficulty with the instruction manual, it looks like it was probably not translated well. Other than that, this is a great filter and the UV built in makes it worth more than the price. My aquarium is crystal clear and with less equipment in it thanks to this filter. I was even able to connect my CO2 into the intake and remove the unsightly reactor for an even better looking setup. Plus, the included filter medium is a great bonus. I have this on my 55 gallon freshwater and it has no problem handling the job. I was going to subtract a star for the instructions but decided it's such a great value it really deserves 5 stars.
Giving this product 3 stars only. It came with a broken screw. I can't clamp it onto the top on my aquarium anymore but I made my own. I have it on for a week now cycling my 75 gallon aquarium and its starting to make noise. I can hear it from the living room. No noise? Lies!
This thing is amazing. And it’s so quiet. My fish tank has never looked so clean and clear. I’m genuinely surprised it worked so well.
It took a while but it finally knocked out all the algae in a 2100 gallon Koi tank.
To give something I returned a high mark seems to run contrary to common sense. I have an old version of this item. This one did not fit. They changed the design through the years. Unfortunately for me it did not match with my plumbing on my pond. They returned the better portion of my purchase price. This is a quality product if your either installing new or replacing a newer model. Mine was 10 years old.
Does a great job on my 5500 gallon pond. Would buy again in a heart beat.
Cleared a 4500 gallon fishpond in 4 days. Love it.
It is doing a super job on my pond.
Had it in my small fish pond for two summers and no green water. Works great so far!!
Pond algae cleared up nicely. Hopefully it was the UV Clarifier. Swiched it off after 10 days and water has remained clear.
This items works as stated! I have fought with green water for years in my small pond (A med size molded pond from lowes). I finally broke down and decided to try a UV filter and OMG its great! No green at all.Clear beautiful water! I wish I would have learned about this filter years ago.WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!
xa0Hands Down, THE BEST Purchase ever.. my pond was so cloudy that you could barely see the fish that was in it. I have tried everything from conditioners, other clarifiers, other UV equipment and none of them have work and so this is the reason why I ended up with this one. I wasn't really sure if this was going to work since it's so cheap compared to the ones I purchased before but you know what?within two days of installing this UV system, my pond was so clear I couldn't even believe it. This is the first time I've actually proved to myself that it's not how much it is or how expensive something is in order for it to work, that even products that are bargain price are worth buying. Here's a snip video of my pond
it works well; the water is clear after few days. Less expensive than algae fix chemical . good buy 1
for months i was helpless with my newly made pond being super green. i tried everything to keep it clean but nothing wrong.i lost many koi due to it. after doing many research, i found this uv filter and took a risk on it. figure i had nothing else to lose so why not. and it worked so amazing. my 2000gal pond cleared up in matter of days!! man i was so happy. so were my fishes. best filter ever. best buy ever also.
It seems to work well. I haven't had it long enough to give it 5 stars yet. If it makes it to 2 years, I'll edit my review.
Once I figured out how easy this is to install, I sat back and prayed because my pond was beyond help. Being a smaller pond with 3 large koi in it, I hate having to use chemicals because these fish are 10 years old and it can't be good for them. I was desperate to get the solid green water cleared which is also not good for them. I even tried the natural koi clay, no luck. This was my last ditch effort before emptying and starting over, which sucks. I installed it about 9 days ago. The first three days I was worried it was not going to be able to clear it completely but noticed a difference. Today I looked and the water is absolutely crystal clear and I can see to the bottom. My fish are more energetic and the pond is beautiful again. Never again will I spend another dime on chemicals. SO HAPPY! I'm hoping this clairifer lasts for awhile, because I will buy another once it poops out. Just gotta find out if it can be used in the cold winters here. That would be awesome! Good luck to you all and I highly recommend this!
I bought this for our pond to replace a tetra uv filter. The pond was getting really green and after a week is crystal clear. We also had added a barley bale to the pond about 3 weeks earlier. The bales take about a month to start working, so could have been the timing, but between the two, the pond is clear.
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