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Treatment plant to improve Flinders Island water quality

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-22
A new water treatment plant will be built on Flinders Island in the coming months, bringing the island to the standards of Australian water quality regulations.The facility will be built on Mrs. Barron Road, during normal office hours by Wednesday, February 18, and plans for the facility will be available for public inspection at Flinders house on Davis Street.Michael Brewster, chief executive of TasWater, said last week that Whitemark and Ms.
Barron\'s water supply systems often fail to meet acceptable quality levels.\\ \"Two water treatment plants will be built on the island, one in Whitemark and the other in Mrs. Barron, giving each town an advantage of its own independent water supply system, he said.
The bidding for the project is in the final stage of the evaluation and should be carried out early.Construction is expected to begin in the middle2015 jobs were completed in about 10 months.\"TasWater is committed to investing $0.11 billion a year over the next three years for new and improved water infrastructure projects across the state of Tajikistan,\" Mr.
Brewster said .
\"This will improve public health and environmental compliance and ensure that we provide reliable water and sewage treatment services for future generations
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