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treatment ro water machine filter for water treatment J&D WATER

treatment ro water machine filter for water treatment J&D WATER

Treatment ro water machine filter for water treatment J&D WATER

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Product Details
Next, J&D Drinking Water Equipment will present you with the specific details of water treatment equipment.J&D Drinking Water Equipment provides diversified choices for customers. water treatment equipment is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.
  • JD WATER-reverse osmosis machine | Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment | JD WATER
Application Scope
The water treatment equipment produced by J&D Drinking Water Equipment is widely used.J&D Drinking Water Equipment always adheres to the service concept to meet customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions that are timely, efficient and economical.
  • JD WATER-reverse osmosis machine | Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment | JD WATER
Company Advantages
1. J&D WATER ro water machine is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery and the best quality materials.
2. The functions of J&D WATER product can meet and exceed customer expectation.
3. The quality of the product is maintained to meet the industry set norms and regulations by our strict quality management system.
4. This product enjoys a high reputation in the market and has great market application prospects.

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◇◆ Application

Applications of Pure Water Treatment

ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co.,Ltd reverse osmosis water treatment are popularly used for drinking water treatment, industrial waste treatment and so on. Additionally, they are also used in medical, agricultural and chemical industries to purify water.

Features of RO Water Treatment Equipment


    1. Opening design gives clear production processes and convenient maintenance. 


    2. High quality TFC compound RO membrane is adopted in water filtration process; the filtration device can work at a low pressure and has a desalinization ration of 98%.


    3. High water quality is further guaranteed by conductance display device (auto-check).


    4. Multi-medium beforehand filter helps increasing the capacity of water treatment.


    5. Active carbon water filter helps wiping chlorine in raw water, protecting RO membrane and adjusting water taste.


    6. Reliable electrical system: the pure water treatment equipment will auto stop working when open circuit, short circuit and electric leakage occur.


    7. Intelligent circuit design: so the pure water treatment equipment will auto stop and work according to different level of water.


    8. Easy to protect RO membrane for the availability of both manual wash and auto wash.


jndwater’s water making machine can use fiber-glass membrane housing, stainless steel membrane housing, fiber-glass filter tank, stainless steel filter tank and pump as well as RO membrane of different brands.

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◇◆ Technical Parameters

Parameters of pure water making machine



JND RO1000

Pure Water Production Capability

0.2-100 TON/H

Power supply

AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60Hz

RO stage

One Stage

Desalinization ratio


Rated Operating Pressure


Temperature of Raw Water


PH of Raw Water


Conductivity of Raw Water


◇◆ Product advantages

Electronic Component come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

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◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.

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◇◆ Our Service

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treatment ro water machine filter for water treatment J&D WATER-6                

Quality Assurance

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In-kind shooting

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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, our company can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Company Features
1. Featuring brand popularity brings Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. more business cooperation opportunities.
2. J&D WATER ensures the practicality of its scientific and technological innovation.
3. Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the following ro water machine to realized its corporate vision. Get info! The enterprise culture that J&D WATER sticks to turns out to be important for the qualified service provided by our staff. Get info! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. aims to create maximum value for customers with osmosis water machine . Get info! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. will carry out everlasting innovation and exploration centered on customer’s demand. Get info!
Product was perfect. Came as expected
I bought this system last year and I love how easy the filter replacement process is! No turning off the water, not having to ask my husband for help... love it!
Great product! The water it filters tastes great, easy to install and change filters. I would highly recommend this!
This is a great product for the price. Normally, I stick with the 7-stage filtration systems but this one proved to be a worthy competitor. I recommend you purchase a reliable mineral counter for your water to gauge the difference before/after install. In my case, it went from over 500 ppm to less than 50, or a 10X+ reduction in "stuff" in the water. Installation is relatively quick and easy: It takes 30 minutes if you have some experience, and 2 hours if you don't, but are patient and are willing to follow instructions.
We like our Jura coffee maker for its great coffee and all you need to do is change the water filters when the machine says so. We buy them here and it's great. Sent out right away.
Just ordered a second batch. Seem to work as well as the Jura brand, and certainly less expensive.
Does what it says it does.., the installation is pretty straightforward once you watch the install video on YouTubeafew times while having the equipment with you- it makes it easier to understand which hose connects where...
good product
xa0The specialists at Express Water went above and beyond the call of duty on this one folks! I highly recommend this product. I am highly impressed because the unit practically installs itself. It's that simple.... Wow. [...] Kristian Herlofson
Connected to refrigerator home drinking water and ice maker system provides excellent quality byproducts.
Excellent unit...Very easy to install...found one minor leak on the out of the RO membrane but I cut another tube and fixed that easily. My water TDS goes from 260TDS on tap incoming to 30TDS at the drinking the RO membrane output I got 16 TDS....a slight raise in TDS probably from the mineral alkaline stage add-on. Overall 5 stars.
easy to set up. works great.
It seems like a nice product. The install was not too complicated to install given the instructions were clear. The water tastes good and seems good quality no leaks under the sink. What I don't like is that when the tank is filling sometimes the lines shutter and vibrate. Another problem is the flow restrictor seems to allow a constant trickle to the drain.
This product is a reorder for me; I use it as a duo along with Purenex 1 Micron filter. It's well-made, easy to install under the sink, and it gives me security that the filtered water is free of sediment,etc. The 2 filters used together provide clear water with no bad taste or common toxic elements,bacteria or micro-organisms. More economical over time than delivered bottled water service, or 'do it yourself'' using machines outside some supermarkets.
price is right and for a general filter it is fine. 5 micron is great but really a 8-25 will do just fine for house filter. we use these because the water here is bad and has a high degree of hydrogen sulfide in the water which smell and corrodes cupper pipes.
Easy to install, great for water filtering.
I am very pleased with the quality of softness this unit has added to my water. I feel better and enjoy the purity this unit creates. Thank you!
Bought this Filter Membrane to replace a much more expensive name brand Reverse Osmosis Filter. In short, no difference in quality and paid less & saved. Would buy again!
works as intended. TDS water meter shows that it is filtering properly. no fitment issues for my Krystal Pure R/O
I purchased this membrane based on comments from other reviewer saying that this membrane is OK to use with Watts Premier RO by moving the black o-ring to the other end. When I got the membrane I found that the o-ring is taped and cannot be easily moved. I called the seller (H2OFilters) and was informed that this membrane is not compatible with Watts Premier RO. The seller was nice enough to do a full refund. The correct membrane for Watts Premier RO is: [...] Note, both large and small o-rings must be on the same end. Otherwise, the price is great with free shipping and great service from the seller (H2OFilters): [...]
Works as good as the OEM for a fraction of the price
works great
Works as advertised; replacement parts.
Just as Advertised . Thank you
We had two kinds of flakes in the water from our fridge: 1) Translucent flakes that floated; and 2) White flakes that sank. Thawed ice-cubes from the ice-maker had both kinds of flakes, and like the water it smelled terrible and was undrinkable. Thinking the translucent flakes may have resulted from bacterial/algal biofilms in the lines and the white flakes were mineral deposits, we changed thexa0 filter xa0within the fridge, and ran gallons of water through the new filter. This didn't help - the translucent flakes never disappeared and the white flakes came back 2-3 days. Ice-cubes remained as bad as they were before (here too, I dumped at least 10-15 loads of ice made over 2 weeks). Finally, as a last resort before getting a new fridge, I did the following after unhooking the fridge from the main water line: a) Pump two liters of bleach through the fridge water lines (letting the bleach sit in the line for 20-30 minutes). b) Pump several liters of clean water to flush the bleach. c) Pump two liters of hydrogen peroxide through the fridge water line, letting it sit for 30 minutes. d) Pump 10-20 liters of clean water to flush the peroxide. e) Replaced thexa0 filter xa0within the fridge. After reconnecting the main supply line, the water was clean for exactly two days before we started seeing very small white mineral flakes again. After reading the reviews here, I decided to install thexa0 Watts filter xa0as a pre-filter. I mounted the filter behind the refrigerator; two problems encountered by other reviewers are that an additional supply-line (connecting hose) or a mounting bracket are not provided with the filter. Supply-lines are readily available - Watts' makesxa0 these lines xa0that are available from Amazon. The bracket is more troublesome. I was going to fashion something crude using zip-ties when I found thatxa0 2.5 inch conduit hangers xa0were the right diameter to hold the filter. I replaced the bolts/nuts on the conduit hanger with longer bolts/wingnuts to make loosening/tightening easier. All put together (supply line + conduit hangers), it cost about $12 to mount the filter. I've attached photographs to make my descriptions clearer. It has now been a month since the filter has been installed and the neither the water nor the ice from the fridge have flakes of either kind. The water tastes great and is odor-free. Its only been a month, so I cannot comment on the filters longevity, but so far its been great. Update - June 17, 2013 It has been just over a year. Filter is still working very well.
I purchased a WATTS 20,000 gallon inline water filter to act as a third stage polishing filter on a two stage filter I had installed earlier. The first two stages removed about 95% of the sediment, chlorine and other contaminants from a city water supply. I wanted my filter to produce tasteless water from my sink faucet. I am very pleased with result. I had to do some connection modification in order for this filter to work with the existing cold water line which fed the first two stages of my filter. I was left with a problem of converting the Watts filter connections size from ¼ inch female compression fitting to 3/8 inch male compression fitting. My outlet from my existing two-stage filter had a braided hose with 3/8 inch female compression fitting and my inlet to my kitchen sink cold water faucet had the same connection. If the Watts Filter would have had 3/8” male compression fittings it would have only required installing those fittings in the filter and attaching the inlet and outlet braided hose to the respective ports on the filter. But that was not the case. I bought two Lasko adapters (part # 17-6759 ¼”fe comp x 3/8” comp) from ¼ inch female compression fitting to 3/8 inch vinyl tubing, fitting to be installed on the inlet and outlet of the filter Since I needed a male 3/8 inch fitting I unscrewed and removed the (nut with compression sleeve) fitting that was supplied with the adapter leaving the 3/8 inch male composition thread which I threaded into the 3/8 inch female compression fitting on my braided cold water supply line. I repeated the process with the outlet of the filter. Before connecting the outlet to my kitchen faucet connection I flushed the filter for about 4-5 minutes. After the flush I connected the outlet fitting from the filter to the kitchen faucet line. I turned on the water to the filter and checked for leaks. Everything looked good. All this took less than 20 minutes. BINGO tasteless water from my kitchen faucet and the flow rate was very good. I would highly recommend this filter initially and time will tell how the filter lives up to it’s 20,000 gallon life claim. Considering it is acting as a polishing filter it should last the entire five years or longer. I would have given it 5 stars if it had offered the 3/8" fitting option
Update: About 30 minutes after I wrote my review, I get a call back from this company. I'm still disappointed in their service but I did get an education on filters. Apparently I needed (and expected) a Reverse Osmosis filter, which this filter is not. So I ordered something that's not useful to me. I wish the product details on the Amazon site were more clear for people like me who are not that knowledge on water filters. I changed my review from a 1 to a 3 but for me the product is useless...but maybe not for you. The install of the filter was very easy but it works like crap and I've attempted about 6 times to contact the mfr. I use the Zero Water pitcher/filter system (see pic) that I got on Amazon that is freaking awesome! But we drink a LOT of water so we're constantly filling the pitcher. The Zero Water comes with a TDS water purity measurement device as shown in my photo. ZW say to not really drink water over a 50 TDS. Our tap comes out around 70 to 80. Our old filer on our refrigerator was at 67. So I bought this filter to hopefully get below 50 TDS. After installing it, the device was showing 187!!! Holy crap that's really bad water. I ran about 20 gallons or more through the refrigerator in the hopes of getting this contamination to drop. As you can see in the pic, I had it down to 104 and today its about still above the recommended drinking level and about the same as our regular tap water. So the filter I bought IL-20K from Watts here on Amazon is crap! And I can't get the company to answer the phone or call me back from the numerous messages I've left. Now its too late to return on Amazon. Based on my one experience with this filter, I absolutely do NOT recommend it.
Doesn't last 5 years in our house, but works well otherwise. It might be because we use it so much. I'm very physically active, and so is my wife, so we drink a ton of water daily. We go through about 1 of these filters in a year. When I drink water straight from the tap, especially when it's hot outside, I can really taste the chlorine and generally rotten flavor you get with city water. This thing really works to get that taste out of there. We bought a new fridge a year ago and now this works as a pre filter because the fridge has one built in as well. I find that it lasts a few more months without a flavor degradation with that setup. Knocked off a star because 5 years would be out of the question for us with this. Regardless, it's still a great value when compared to bottled water (which on average has poorer quality than even unfiltered tap water), and is certainly much more environmentally friendly.
This is the third one of these I've had on my fridge over the years. Usually wind up replacing at about 4 years. Have never had a problem. Just pay attention to the direction of water flow and flush it out before the final connection to the fridge or you'll have charcoal colored ice and water for a while. I made that mistake once and don't want to again. Using these I've never found the weird white fuzzy floaters in my melted ice that I have gotten in the past when I didn't use a filter.
We've tried other filters, including under-sink filters and different brands of in-fridge filters, and this Watts filter is the most effective at producing great-tasting water in our home (which has terrible-tasting water by default). I pre-emptively replaced it after about 3 years. I didn't notice a meaningful degradation in water quality, but it seemed like the taste was changing subtly at that point. It could have all been in my head. In any case, this is a great filter with a very long useful life. One tip for those shopping for a fridge filter: We use ours for our fridge and because this filter is fairly wide, it would have required us to move our refrigerator out from the wall had we decided to keep the filter behind the fridge. Instead, we set the filter on top of the fridge (ie, we ran the hose from the wall up to the top of the fridge, through the filter, and then back down to the water inlet port on the back). You can't see it from ground level, so it works perfectly.
I gingerly installed the brass fittings, making sure the nylon tube had the brass insert so the tube wouldn't get crushed. that part was perfect, but when it came to running the fitting into the body of the filter, one side just would not stop leaking. I put an extra wrap of teflon tape around the threads and now it's tight and not leaking. Water tastes good!
This is what I use for the water filter for Samsung refrigerator. Samsung rep actually stated that these filters are perfect for five years and don’t use the interior Samsung water filter, doesn’t even really do anything they commented on the little interior filter. Thanks for the advice Samsung rep.
Without a doubt this is the best coffee maker we have ever owned. If you like fresh coffee made from fresh ground beans, this is a great choice. I'm picky about fresh - I order my beans directly online from a company that only roasts the beans the day before they ship out. This is the third grind and brew machines I have had. The previous two were Capresso. The first one lasted quite a few years, was reliable and made good coffee. The last Capresso had an unpredictable habit of occasionally flowing coffee all over the counter instead of the carafe. The company could not solve the problem so we bought this one. It works perfectly and makes great coffee. The LED screen tells you everything you need to know. I especially like the digital water level readout which makes it so easy to fill. Even better, you just fill the reservoir with water (12 cups), set the number of cups you want to brew and the machine uses only the water it needs to brew leaving the rest in the tank for next time. There is even a special selection to make the exact amount of fresh coffee directly into your commuter mug whatever size. It even adds an "infusing" cycle to make sure the small amount of coffee is brewed correctly. It is easy to adjust the grind size and strength.It is definitely worth the money
The Breville Grind control is the best product with an electric cord I have ever purchased. I first saw it at the mall at upon inspection it was clear it was designed for people who really enjoy coffee, by people who really enjoy coffee. The display model was the only one in stock, and the next store did not have it either. I logged onto Amazon when I got home, and 4 days later it arrived. The next morning, just over 2 weeks before my 42nd birthday, I tasted the coffee I always wanted but never was attainable. The ability to brew as few as one to as many as 12 cups is awesome. Before work I only have time for one cup, usually 350 ml. On days off I fill the entire carafe, and after more than 3 hours, the last mug is still a very drinkable and tasty temperature. For a single cup, which I enjoy black, I use strength setting 8 (strongest), and grind setting 1 (finest). For a carafe I use 3 on the grind setting. For after work, I found it quite easy to make an even stronger brew by starting the machine just long enough to grind beans for a 295 ml cup. Stop, open and close the brew basket door, adjust the grind for 235 ml cup, and within a few minutes I have a great base for whatever espresso type drink I have attempted to make. I purchased a separate milk frothing/steaming machine, so now when I visit the local Coffee House it is only to buy beans. Clean up is easy. Barely 2 minutes of rinsing and wiping. The longer it sits, the tougher it is to wipe the release disk, but I've not been so lazy yet that it has been bothersome. This past weekend I performed the descale process for the first time. It was simple and the machine is programmed to allow plenty of deep cleaning time. The previous brewer I owned was a single cup grind and brew system. It made a decent cup of coffee, but was no where near as hot or good. Clean up was tougher as the actual grinders had to be rinsed and dried after each cup. After a few months, the pressure point on the lid of the grinder popped off, cracking the lid. I made it work for a few weeks until I found the Breville Grind Control. Honestly, the coffee is so tasty I actually thank the machine as soon as the brew process is complete. The only downside? I work at a Diner and usually allow myself whatever coffee I can manage to sip until 10 a.m. I just can't taste it anymore. It tastes vaguely like that sip of decaf I mistakenly had a couple years ago, and as such, leaves me asking, why? Why would anyone drink this? Well, I for one, am currently devising an iced coffee recipe for my Grind Control so I will no longer have to. I paid full price for my Breville Grind Control, and have neither requested nor received compensation for my honest review. It has had no performance issues so far and I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. The photos are of a latte macchiato, from start, to beginning of the end, made using the Grind Control and separate frothing machine. If you need a new coffee brewer and you really enjoy coffee, this is the machine you need.
The Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Machine has proven to be an excellent choice for ionizing and purifying our tap water. We searched over the Internet for information about the different brands and suppliers of both water purification and equipment that ionize water before we decided on a Bawell Water Ionizer. Since our home is the central meeting place for the family, we use a lot of water and needed something that would be able to supply our high demand for purified, ionized water. Any drinks that I make with water, like; tea, coffee, lemonade, etc. always receive so many compliments, and I know it is because I am using the alkaline ionized water to prepare them. My nephew was having a real problem clearing up a case of athlete's foot, until I gave him some acidic water made with the Bawell platinum alkaline water ionizer. He filled a spray bottle and began to apply it periodically throught the day, and now reports there is no more itching! The many positive online reviews helped us to make up our mind to choose Bawell to provide our family with one of our most important necessities, pure alkaline ionized water. Thanks Bawell, I will recommend you to all my family and friends.
Outstanding! Glasses are crystal clean, just like they were when they were new. This was so easy, just goes under the sink on the supply line. I will never own a dishwasher again without a water softener like this.
The seller was very responsive, price was fair, quality was there. Bleeder valve is very useful. Quick delivery. Everything as promised.
Arrived quickly, it worked perfectly and I will leave it in box it came in,has padded sheath!
Got this low pressure tire gauge for using on my atv and used it as soon as I got it . Love it ! Better then others I have just because it's bigger and easier to read and with the swivel . it works the best !
Of all the tire pressure gauges out there this is the most accurate I've used. I have 3 now and they all read the exact same. Tells me they're accurate because others I've had multiple of read 4-6 lbs different. Great product.
Works amazingly. Not sure if I used it for what it's supposed to be used for but with some slight modifications it keeps my Keurig filled all the time.
Used this for my Keurig and taped into the water line from the water purifier in my fridge. Worked perfectly and wished I had done this a long time ago. Now, no more daily refills. For my Keurig, it was a little snug so getting the angle just right took some playing around. But it works fine and I haven't had any leaking issues yet.
we ended up not needing it
if you're like me and dislike having to pour water into your coffee maker.. this is awesome.. was easy to plumb in..
Excellent water filtration system. After the install and purging the water lines in the house, there was an immediate improvement in the taste of the water. Highly recommend. The company selling this is great to work with also. They can tell which filter cartridges to use depending on the water to be filtered.
I use this to test for iron in the water. The raw well water tests as 0.3 to 0.6 PPM iron. After the water softener it tests around 0.1 PPM iron. After the water filter being reviewed it pretty much tests at 0 iron. But it's interesting. Using the iron test called out above the center of the test strip is white to show no iron and around the edges it's a slight pink. So the wife buys distilled water for coffee because she doesn't like the well water (she's not yet tried the water with the new filter). So I test the distilled water for iron on the whole test area is a little pink. So in my mind the distilled water shows more iron than water that has been through this filter. Not sure what to make of that. And our water had a definite smell to it and the smell is gone. Right after the filter was installed there was a slight vinyl smell but that went away really quick. So I think the carbon filter is working well. I just gave it a 4 because when you take it apart to change the filters you get water everywhere. At least I did but fortunately it's in the basement and the previous owner poured a little wall to keep water contained. But it spilled a lot of water and I'm not sure how to get around it when the filters are changed.
I purchased this in late 2017 and absolutely love my whole house filter! It's great peace of mind knowing we have clean drinking water at all the taps. And my kitchen sink also has iSprings 6 stage reverse osmosis, so that water is ultra pure and tastes better than any water planet except for Mt Shasta water right from the spring. This system saved me so much money over what the plumbers and water companies want to charge for their products. The filters are very easy to change and inexpensive when you consider what some folks pay for bottled water...which by the way doesn't help the environment having a truck drive water to your house every week. Because it needs to have 1 inch copper piping retrofitted and shut offs and bypasses added, you definitely want to get it professionally installed by a licensed plumbing contractor. Again, even with that cost, it's a tremendous savings over the heavily advertised water systems that cost as much $6,000. or the expensive monthly contracts and you never own the equipment. The best part is the awesome customer service at iSpring...Thanks Nick! Yes they actually answer their phone and emails. That's why I'm happy to recommend this product to friends and clients.
Great filter system. Easy to install by plumber in about an hour. We installed on outside of house then we build a housing around it. No more chlorine smell, water taste greatly improved. I called iSpring before the install and they were very helpful for choosing the right filter.
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