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Triad disinfection washing filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-15
How about triad filling machine disinfection cleaning, said small make up for their own opinions, hope to have some reference function to you. What kind of triad filling machine is trustworthy products or services, a lot of people on the triad of filling machine with confusion. Triad filling machine is the process of pile of kindergarten set, the empty bottle box pallet conveyor is sent out, one by one to remove the tray, the empty bottle box, conveyor washer is sent out, after cleaning, conveyor. While packing tray beverage bottle. Out of the box empty bottles unloaded from the plane. Another line cleaning bottles, disinfection and cleaning machine. After checking the machine bottle inspection standards, clean machine along the line into the filling machine and sealing machine. Bottle filling machine, labeling machine labeling beverage bottle seal transportation machine by the block machine, labeling machine back box and transmitter is installed on the tray library. Triad disinfection cleaning method of filling machine 1, rotation, loosen the fastening screw up and down, remove the injection system as a whole disinfection, or remove the disinfection and cleaning, respectively. 2, liquid inlet tube to be included in the cleaning fluid, began to clean. 3, in a possible error in 500 ml model of the actual filling, so before the formal filling should be accurately measure them. 4, triad filling machine needles, 10 standard 5 ml or 10 ml syringe, 20 20 ml glass packing, 100 with a 100 ml glass packing. Triad filler is mainly used for filling drinks. This machine integrates washing, filling and capping three functions in one body. The entire process is automated. Is suitable for polyester bottle, plastic bottle, beverage, mineral water, pure water, filling, heating temperature control device can also be used for hot filling. Try bottle adjust all the parts by the handle rotation, easy operation, quickly. Filling method USES the new type of micro pressure filling, the filling speed faster and more stable, so compared with the same specifications of the machine, more productive, more efficient. Triad filling machine adopts advanced PLC to control the machine to run automatically. Send bottle chain adopts air supply method, and the main frequency converter to cooperate, make the bottle is more stable and reliable operation. Photoelectric detection parts operation, high automation, convenient operation. On this basis, the triad filling machine can change the filling equipment, the formation of low vacuum filling patterns. Welcome to choose new us-china source machinery co. , LTD. , jiangsu province, the company wholeheartedly committed to the products and services of triad filling machine, our company provide triad filling machine for a long time, the price is low, if you are interested in our triad filling machine, please feel free to contact us.
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