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Triad filling machine before and after use

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-14
Attention for triad filling machine before and after use, said small make up for their own opinions, hope to have some reference function to you. What kind of triad filling machine is trustworthy products or services, a lot of people on the triad of filling machine with confusion. Triad filling machine integrates washing, filling and sealing. Suitable for hot filling production of various kinds of fruit juice, tea beverages. At the same time, by changing a few parts, can be used in pure water and mineral water filling. Product yield is 5000 ~ 24000 bottles/hour, for users to choose. Triad filling machine adopts advanced micro gravity filling principle of negative pressure, the filling speed is fast, stable and accurate, and the material flow system with perfect, also can realize independent reflux, no contact materials, reduce the secondary pollution and oxidation. This machine can meet the technical requirements of under 95 ℃ hot filling. Filling valve and feed and discharge piping without health corner. At the same time equipped with CIP cleaning interface. Reverse osmosis water flushing device installed in front of the sealing, to ensure that the bottle is not moldy. Triad filling machine adopts magnetic type screw head, realizing the closed function. Cap unscrewing torque stepless adjustable, with constant torque rotating seal and the function of the plastic cover. In a filling machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface control advanced technology such as three, PLC computer program control, inverter control, etc. It has a cover system automatic control function, automatic filling temperature test, high temperature alarm material, low temperature shutdown and automatic reflux, no bottle no stamp, for lack of bottle and stop without cover. And triad bottle washing machine installation and debugging process. Triad filling machine installation problems should be paid attention to in 1, the machine when unpacking the case, first check the random technical information is complete, the machine is damaged in transit, in order to solve. 2, according to the appearance of this manual drawing, installation and adjustment of feeding and discharging module. 3, new lubricating oil lubrication. 4 a handle, steering machine and to check whether the machine in the right direction, The motor spindle) counterclockwise Grounding must be protected, and machinery. It is pay attention to three operations in a filling machine before and after the use is very important, this is the key of installation, debugging, the use and maintenance of the filling machine. This is also related to the quality and efficiency of the filler manufacturer. First of all, in the use of three-dimensional one filling machine, the installation and debugging for the first time, read the instructions carefully before debugging, ready to use the tool. Filling machine after the installation, will fill the track and the connection plate adjustment to a level. Storage tank is full of material, all electrical switch in the closed position. Insert to fill container toolbox and connect to external power supply. Power socket must be the tripod socket, has reliable grounding line, to prevent the casing leakage. Open the machine power switch, the power light is lit up. To fill the frame with three filling frame support plate in a filling machine and mobile positioning in the filling head with your finger. Flexible positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down, and fill the needle can be exposed or withdraw without obstruction. Push the switch under the liquid storage tube to the open position, make the material into the total metering pump. According to the amount of each container filling adjustment screw on the crank. The filling speed of about 20 degrees knob, then turn on the switch on the filling speed control board of the open position. After using the triad filling machine, should pay attention to the maintenance, remove the piston and screw at the same time, so as not to affect the requirements of another process. In piston filling machine cleaning, filling machine for the rest of the product should be clean, and barrel should be full of gentle cleaning fluid. Cylinder has been lubrication when you leave the factory. Please do not open or to ensure clean any lubricating oil filling machine surface, and cut off power supply, it doesn't work. In addition, the maintenance and the correct use of filling machine at the same time, also regularly test, debug, only in this way the triad of the filler work healthy and steady development. Welcome to choose new us-china source machinery co. , LTD. , jiangsu province, the company wholeheartedly committed to the products and services of triad filling machine, our company provide triad filling machine for a long time, the price is low, if you are interested in our triad filling machine, please feel free to contact us.
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