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Triad filling machine production speed

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-13
Small make up today and you talk a triad filling machine production speed, here are small make up to introduce the triad filling machine. As you all know, choose a product or service, from the triad filling machine processing, service, quality and so on various aspects to understand. Triad filling machine is a special equipment of gas beverage integrating washing, filling and sealing. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, according to the requirements of the non-air drinks filling technology, innovation and development of advanced filling equipment. Triad filler is mainly used for milk, juice, beverage, pure water of gas washing, filling and sealing. Reasonable structure, easy operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, is the ideal filling equipment of large and medium-sized beverage factory. Triad filling machine adopts the stainless steel fuselage, the next cup, lid and seal. This machine is mainly used for cups, boxes, bowls, milk, yogurt, instant noodles, lotus, lotus root starch, rice and other food and beverage filling sealing. Can also be used for other special packing seal. Automatic lid under the cup, the automatic, automatic sealing, automatic out of the cup; Triad filling machine adopts imported infinitely variable speed system, production speed is adjustable; CAM indexer, make the film location accuracy is low, the machine run smoothly; Cover and seal in t. At the same time, the lower film movement has no effect on the positioning precision of film. Triad filling machine safety rules: 1, filling machine no foreign bodies ( Such as tools, rags, etc. ) 。 2, abnormal vibration in filling machine is not allowed to happen. If necessary, to immediately stop and check the reason. 3, all protection items should be safe and reliable. Don't hang clothes on the moving parts ( Such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc. ) Shouldn't wear. 4, long hair should wear hair mask. 5, don't water or other liquid cleaning electrical components. 6, when cleaning, should wear overalls, gloves and glasses, in case of strong acid and alkali corrosion. 7, when the triad filling during, someone must monitor, do not use tools or other objects close to the machine. 8, don't let people close to the operating close to the equipment. No matter how fierce the industry, the price is how crazy, filling machine of how high prices, demand too much, what is the key. Seize the core requirements, seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity. As is known to all, attract the attention of the customers is the quality of the products. Triad filling machine is adopted, it has high efficiency, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, etc. Above is the content of the triad filling machine production speed, by the jiangsu zhangjiagang new source machinery factory to provide for you. Company always adhere to the standardized management, put in front of the production quality and the service policy, to provide customers with gratified triad filling machine products and services.
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