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Tubular sterilizer adopts advanced technology with automatic cleaning function

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-29
Tube sterilizer adopts advanced technology with automatic cleaning function tube Sterilizer has automatic cleaning function, and adopts advanced technology to ensure the smooth progress of sterilization process and the sterility of the whole process, the pollution of sterilized articles is avoided. High reliability. The main components of the pipeline sterilizer, such as valves, are internationally renowned brands with quality assurance. 1. Choose System accessories, good performance, high reliability. System design attaches great importance to security. Steam, hot water, materials, etc. have pressure protection measures and alarm systems. 2. Tubular heat exchanger, materials and heat exchange medium all work under turbulent conditions, with high heat exchange efficiency, reducing scaling and increasing continuous working time of sterilizer. It is completely comparable to imported equipment. 3. The whole system is controlled by PLC and touch screen interface. Man-machine interface simple easy to understand. Just press the start button, CIP cleaning of the equipment and from sterilization to raw materials (Milk)Sterilization equipment can realize full automatic control. 4. The sterilization operation of flat ultra-high temperature Sterilizer can improve the sterilization efficiency of materials. Not only the sterilization is fast and efficient, but also the energy consumption of the equipment is low, which increases the use cost of the enterprise. It can be used for instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization and pasteurization of high viscosity liquids containing fibers and particles, beverages, tomato sauce, fruit juice, artificial food, ice cream and other liquid materials. The pipe Sterilizer can be installed after it is in place. Please connect the inlet and outlet of each material, cooling water, ice water, steam and compressed air according to the marks at the interface of each pipeline, and cooperate with the process diagram. The following are our suggestions, I hope for reference. (1) Material pipe: according to the production capacity, the lift and power of the pump and the resistance of the system, the stainless steel material pipe with appropriate diameter should be selected, and the inner pipe should be smooth and free from burrs. When connecting with this equipment, please arrange it reasonably and beautifully, firmly fix it and avoid dead corners. When connecting the inlet and outlet of the homogenizer, please connect as short as possible to avoid dead corners. (2) Cooling water, tap water and ice water pipelines: select appropriate pipeline channels according to the total flow rate. The inlet pressure should be controlled at 0. 2 to 0. 25Mpa. Pure water is used in the system to flush and circulate the water to be treated. Therefore, good water quality and proper softening are required. The inlet temperature of ice water is ≤2℃, and a thermometer should be installed at the inlet of ice water. (3) Steam pipeline: when connecting the Steam pipeline, the steam regulating valve in the accessory should be connected to the steam inlet of the whole machine according to the direction of inlet and outlet. Other steam pipes can be installed horizontally on adjacent walls or fixed in fixed positions. The bracket is about 2 meters high and connected to the steam system.
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