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J&D has been focused upon the manufacturing of varied beverage and water production lines. All the production lines are assembled by our exquisitely-made machines. Based on different functional requirements, now we have developed 4 series of production lines, which are respectively complete barrel beverage product line, complete 3-10L bottle beverage product line, complete bottled beverage product line, and complete can beverage product line. Each product line has its own unique characteristics and functions.

 Take the complete bottled beverage product line as an example. Its production capacity ranges from 1500bph to 36000bph, allowing the line to be suitable for bottles ranging from 250ml to 2000ml. We also support custom service and can provide different types of labelling machines including sticker labelling machine, sleeve shrinkable labelling machine, hot melt glue labelling machine, cold glue labelling machine based on the bottle type and capacity. During the warranty, we will provide the parts that are easily damaged for free.

To enhance our brand awareness, J&D has actively participated in the domestic and international exhibitions except for offering customers the best bottling solutions. In 2018, we constantly joined the China (UAE) Trade Fair, China (Kenya) Trade Fair and Canton Fair, where we have gained much presence and popularity. All our production lines have been highly praised by customers from Canada, Africa, Poland, Holland, Colombia and other hundreds of countries and regions.

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