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Two little secrets hidden by plastic nonmetal laser marking machine for many years

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
Plastic laser marking machine, usually refers to the CO2 laser marking machine. At present, CO2 laser marking machine is very extensive in marking metal and nonmetal. CO2 laser marking machine can be applied to numbers, texts, trademarks or machine-readable codes, for example, data matrix codes with high information density and arranged in tight space at different scales. However, you may not know the two characteristics of marking on plastic! The following small series will introduce to you: precision marking: the laser is a diode pumped laser with high energy efficiency. Like metal marking machine, it also has good focusing ability, so it is very suitable for fine marking. Diode Pumped Solid-state laser has high beam quality, which makes the laser beam in the marking process obtain a small focusing diameter. In this way, the precision marking track width as small as Micron can be realized on the tiny parts. Adaptation of absorption characteristics: lasers used for marking usually produce radiation in the infrared wavelength range. Green lasers and ultraviolet lasers are aimed at plastic and semiconductor materials. In the special marking application of laser engraving machine, UV wavelength is used, which opens up a new possibility for laser marking on plastic. Short wavelength directly produces photochemical reaction with plastic compound without heating, thus not damaging the material; Laser marking machine has now played an irreplaceable role in the plastic industry! For now, in the application of plastic marking, the potential of laser is far from being realized. The laser cloth cutting machine used to have some applications here, but it has not been strengthened and expanded, resulting in its collapse. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the frequency doubling laser and the third frequency laser are increasingly popularized, as well as the diversity of the combination of materials and processes, it is opening up more new fields for the application of laser in the plastic industry. Laser marking machine in the plastic marking, in addition to free of consumables, no pollution, but also has the characteristics of fast speed, good marking effect, strong anti-counterfeiting, widely welcomed by enterprises.
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