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Two sessions focusing 丨 sewage treatment equipment to develop urban water saving

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
【 Water treatment 】 Sewage treatment equipment information: in 2019, zhuhai will start the class set camp three periods of sewage treatment plant 120000 tons of sewage treatment equipment engineering, build a new sludge disposal factory, consolidate ascend black smelly water treatment results. The all-round high quality classification of water supply, start the qing long park reclaimed water pipeline project, promoting use of reclaimed water, high water consumption enterprises powerusageeffectiveness water back up to 50%. During the two sessions, sewage treatment and water reuse has become people's congress, the CPPCC hot topic. “ Hohhot is water shortage city, promote the deep processing wastewater treatment equipment, popularization and encourage renewable water use is to create a good environment, and promote the important measure of circular urban development process. ” CPPCC member, said ma strongly advocated the landscape water, green water, urban environmental sanitation in the use of water as well as the surrounding farmland irrigation water use, can not only save water resources, and to reduce water pollution, improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources, is of great significance. Ma said, & other; From the point of the recycled water water customers, mainly in the power plants, landscape and urban greening in the use of water. But within the residential area landscape water, green water, and water in the toilet water used has not been implemented. ” How to further enhance the utilization of the water, ma advice, & other; First should strengthen the gray water recycle urban infrastructure construction, laying of reclaimed water pipe network, to meet the reclaimed water as conditions. Fully arouse the enthusiasm of the developer use water, improve water utilization, reduce the pollution of water resources. And use the economic leverage to encourage residents inside the village landscape water, green water and reclaimed water should be used in toilet water. Continuously strengthen the publicity to use recycled water, through various channels and means to guide the streets, residents use recycled water. ” Powerusageeffectiveness for how to improve the water back, NPC delegates Xue Rongyue said that with the increase of urban population and the expansion of urban area, the capital, the amount of water is more and more big, especially in terms of green water consumption is more and more. In recent years, more and more efforts in zhuhai for sewage treatment, water utilization rate is not ideal, however, there are quite a number of processed water directly into the river, cause water waste, in fact the water can be reused completely, such as irrigation, washing the car, greening, etc. “ If the water use up, we can save water consumption of tap water. Suggestions in sewage treatment plant of peripheral water pipe network laid, a water for water points, let the tanker green irrigation water, the water recycling, managing groundwater resources, to save the Yellow River water resources. ” Xue Rongyue advice. NPC delegates Cui Yijun, said his government work report proposed start supporting qing long industrial park, recycled water pipeline engineering infrastructure construction, can effectively solve some water demands of the project. “ We must seize the opportunity, more quickly and efficiently promote the construction of projects, make contributions to the local industrial development. ” Cui Yijun said.
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