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Ultrapure water system principle

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-08
Ultrapure water system has been a means through a variety of water treatment technology to achieve the purpose of purified water and water quality monitoring system of a class of device. Common natural water soluble inorganic and organic impurities including soluble gases, particulate matter, microorganisms, etc. Ultrapure water machine is to place these impurities as thoroughly as possible. Purify technology methods commonly used currently are distillation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange method, filtration method, adsorption method, uv oxidation, etc. Ultrapure water machine general water purification process can be roughly divided into 4 big step, pretreatment ( Primary purification) And reverse osmosis ( To produce pure water) , ion exchange ( Can produce 18. 2 mΩ。 Cm ultrapure water) And terminal handling ( Produce to meet the requirements of special ultrapure water) 。 After pretreatment with pretreatment of water purification step again through the reverse osmosis, so be sure to try to remove impurity affecting the reverse osmosis membrane; Mainly including large particulate matter, residual chlorine and calcium magnesium ions. Designed for a good solution to this problem, the precision filter, activated carbon filter and soften the resin adsorption to remove the water large particulate matter, residual chlorine and calcium magnesium ions to achieve better effect of pretreatment. Ro reverse osmosis is to use a high pressure pump for high concentration solution with worse than osmotic pressure, the water molecules will be forced to by a semipermeable membrane to one side of the low concentration, reverse osmosis can filter out 90% 99% of the vast majority of pollutants, including inorganic ion, because it's superior purification efficiency, reverse osmosis water purification system is a very effective ultrapure water system technology, because the reverse osmosis can remove most of the dirt. Ion exchange ion exchange is the positive ions in the water with ion exchange resin in H ion exchange, the negative ions in the water and OH - ion exchange resin Ultrapure water ion exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of the purified water system. Through ion exchange to remove ions, theoretically can remove almost all ionic substances, at 25 ℃, water resistivity to 18. 2MΩ。 厘米。 Through ion exchange the discretion of the effluent water quality mainly depends on the quality of the ion exchange resin and exchange column in the inland waters and resin exchange efficiency.
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