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Use the beer filling machine the operating point of what should be paid attention to

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-12
Beer filling machine before use must understand the relevant key operation, the working process of the beer filler in real-time investigation should be appeared on the device parameters are normal, can't just leave, abnormal if necessary to stop the machine immediately to check and remove in time of beer filling machine may appear all sorts of wrong, beer filling machine operator will take the best professional training, such ability ensure the stability of beer filling equipment work. Then using the beer filling machine which operations should be paid attention to the key? 1, beer filling machine before use, it is necessary to ensure the normal power supply, and the safety of the grounding line, voltage instability of mechanical damage is considerable. 2, beer filler work is necessary before the soft non-woven cloth with detergent to wipe the grease or dirt, dry, and then after use to remove the remaining material all, avoid the material corrosion equipment, scrub clean. 3, time for big clean up beer filling machine. A lot of companies in the autumn each year for beer filling equipment advanced a big repair and maintenance. 4, time in beer filler add lubricating oil of mechanical component location, reduce the friction resistance, make the machine work more quickly. 5, periodic cleaning of beer filling pattern in the invisible dust and waste in the cabinet. 6, beer filler using enterprises should establish repair team, timely detection of beer filling machine elastic parts. Besides above must pay attention to the key operation, but also the timing of beer filling machine equipment inspection and maintenance, check point should be kept in beer filling machine parts, equipment parts damage, if the attack should be looking for professionals to replace or repair immediately.
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