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using ozone to purify water

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-24
The use of ozone to treat water supply has existed since the beginning of the 20 th century, when European scientists used this method to disinfect already clean springs or tap water.
Over time, the practice of purifying surface water supply with ozone has become more and more common.
Since the 1940s, ozone water treatment has been the main way to purify and disinfect major water supplies in parts of France, Switzerland and Germany.
Today, you can find the main ozone water treatment facilities in cities around the world.
In the United States, the use of ozone has been limited due to the widely used chloride process over the years.
However, as the negative effects of chlorine are becoming more visible, some cities and municipalities are turning to ozone water treatment.
In the past 30 years, the use of ozone water in the United States has increased so much that many major cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Boston, now use this treatment process.
Ozone is produced naturally by the sun\'s ultraviolet rays or lightning during thunderstorms in the environment.
It was found on it.
Most of the Earth\'s atmosphere protects us from harmful solar radiation.
At the molecular level, ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms.
The oxygen we breathe is from 2.
One of the three hydrogen atoms that make up ozone transfers electrons to other substances.
These other substances can be viruses and bacteria found in untreated water.
These individual oxygen atoms then bind to another substance, resulting in oxidation.
This process eliminates bacteria, viruses and other water. Pathogen.
When the process is completed, the only by-product left is an oxygen atom.
Ozone water treatment systems purify water by generating ozone through special generators.
This generator uses electricity, ultraviolet rays and compressed air to produce ozone. The high-
Strong ultraviolet rays turn oxygen into ozone in compressed air.
The newly generated ozone is fed into the water supply system through the diffusion line, making it a bubble.
Impurities in the water are then attacked, oxidized and destroyed by ozone bubbles, resulting in safe, drinkable water.
A lot of bottled water you drink today is treated with ozone.
Overall, ozone treatment improves the look, taste and smell of our drinking water.
It also prevents hard water problems by preventing the scale from forming on the pipe.
Some studies have shown that ozone therapy can destroy the bacterial Legion bacteria that cause the disease.
Ozone treatment processes are also used to disinfect wastewater and contaminated groundwater before they are returned to the environment.
Due to the power and safety of this treatment process, ozone is also used as an-
Microbial Agents for food processing, processing and storage.
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