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Vaughan businessman offers to buy Captain John’s — with conditions

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-14
Self-made multi-
Millionaire Blanco carvich likes expensive toys
The weirder the better.
His eclectic collection includes a \"priceless\" prototype of the 1969 sputz Black Eagle, once driven by his idol Elvis Presley;
Monster trucks worth $100,000
Three rowing boats and a heavy black 48foot yacht.
For months, Kavcic has been trying to buy his boldest trophy to date --
It can be said that this is a milestone in the perfect anchor of his life\'s work.
In last August, Kavcic, 66, offered nearly $1 million to buy 90-
A few decades ago, Captain John\'s ship sailed on the coast of his native country, slonia.
Kavcic says he is still ready to spend up to $3 million to buy and renovate 55-year-
Turned it into a place of entertainment and a restaurant.
The biggest stumbling block was Officials at the Port Authority in Toronto who said they wanted to find buyers for the abandoned ship, but Kavcic said they were \"in addition to the negative side \".
The problem is that Kavcic\'s offer depends on what the owner John Letnik is unable to provide, and the Toronto Port Authority says it will not: 15-
One year lease, there\'s a new note in its long Easttime Yonge St. location.
\"The city center is over for us.
Now, it\'s a different type of building, \"said Kavcic, with a strong Slovak accent, referring to the continued revitalization of upscale apartments and the eastern waterfront.
\"We can\'t have another ship.
It\'s too expensive.
Kavcic deals for 30 days including $90-$673,000
About $240,000 m boat and LeTV\'s equity.
The money will cover most of the unpaid taxes and rental fees that lenick owes to the City of Toronto and the Port Authority.
He sent a copy of the offer and conditions on August.
Request to the Port Authority, Ford and Toronto waterfront for a meeting, \"to discuss the future of captain John\'s ship and . . . . . . Re-establish relations with the City of Toronto.
He received a form email from the mayor\'s office promising to \"make sure you get the respect you deserve . \".
Up until October 17 --
One month after the transaction deadline expires
In a formal response from the Port Authority, the Port Authority said no
The lease period is possible, but if he wants to move the ship to a location outside the Toronto waterfront or make it scrapped, a meeting is welcome.
Kavcic has not appeared yet-to-
Meet with any city or seaside officials.
Mark Richardson, a Port Authority lawyer, said on Wednesday: \"We are very happy to meet him . \" His involvement has been several emails and phone calls as of last November and may have missed a connection.
\"In my experience, so far I have traded with him and you want to know if he is really serious.
Kavcic himself admits that he is very good at manufacturing precision parts for the oil and injection molding industries.
His Vaughan-
Headquartered in Brado Precision Machine Tool Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Since moving to Canada in 1967 and establishing a company in 1974, it has become a lucrative international enterprise.
He is not sure how to control the government.
Civil officials calmly acknowledged that they were equally frustrated.
Even if the port authority is able to find an alternative location, the vessel needs parking, water supply, and sewage services to receive visitors --
This is where the whole proposal becomes unworkable.
Up until this week, Kavcic was still leaning towards the windmill.
He recently spent $3,000 on an ocean survey that says its value is low even as scrap.
It points out that a lot of work needs to be done in the kitchen to meet health standards.
Kavcic seems to have accepted the fact that his dream may be dashed: The survey shows that the ship is not in the mud, but the water floating on Lake Ontario is 6 to 8 inch higher than before, because Letnik has stripped too much of the content.
Most of them were done in their 1980 s, when wooden bedrooms were removed from the lower floors, Lynick said.
However, he admits that he has also removed anything of value since last fall, including brass porches and carefully carved planks.
\"What else can I do?
\"Said lenick with a shrug.
\"I have not reached an agreement yet and I have no income.
I need money. ”Correction -
July 11, 2013: The article was edited from a previous version with an incorrect photo title that says Slovakia is now part of Croatia.
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