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Video of laser marking machine typing pattern

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
In fact, laser marking machine is involved in many industries, such as mobile phone shell pattern, electronic lighter, zippo lighter, ballpoint pen, motor and other industries. However, most industries identify some two-dimensional codes, production dates, brand logos, etc. , and the text patterns of laser marking machines are permanent and have strong anti-counterfeiting effects. Let's take a look at the specific laser marking machine video to understand. Lighter laser engraving pattern: mobile phone shell laser marking machine pattern: ballpoint pen automatic laser marking machine identification: Motor automatic laser marking machine identification: many industries gradually use laser marking machine, and the use of laser marking machine is far more than the above video. I will not list them here, because there are too many. Want to know more about the laser marking machine market, please pay attention to the laser, the latest and most complete market knowledge waiting for you to dig.
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