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wastewater systems -

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-19
Tristar water solutions serve a variety of water treatment plants using a variety of different technologies, depending on the individual needs of customers.Depending on the capacity of the wastewater to be treated, the required quality of the wastewater and the final use of the wastewater, Tristar has a system that can meet any of their requirements.Tristar\'s system has a wide range of applications and is ideal for irrigation, industrial processing, recharge of the aquifer and even dust prevention.
Tristar has designed a mobile water treatment plant that is ideal for remote base camps, construction personnel, speed is critical, and the infrastructure may not be able to take advantage of smaller villages with more traditional water treatment schemes.Each unit, which can provide up to 150 equivalent personnel, is a complete turnkey solution that contains everything you need to start operating with minimal hassle.Better yet, the system is easy to scale: additional units can be simply added to expand peak capacity.
Tristar\'s sequencing batch reactor is a fully automated plant designed for conditions where water flows slowly or even periodically.The system uses a five-step process to recover wastewater, which can remove indicators of a large number of microorganisms in the water-biochemical oxygen demand (bodda), and nitrogenIn addition, the system can be readjusted to remove phosphorus if needed.The submerged inflatable filtration system (SAF) is a biological process, and its benefit is to be a very reliable unit due to the absence of moving parts.
The wastewater uses gravity through a biological filter before migrating to the settling pool, which is the final destination before the discharge of the wastewater.The system will remove most of the total suspended solids (such as sewage and rotten organic matter), nitrogen and phosphate in the water.Membrane reactors (MBR) are designed to serve specific niches in mining camps operating in dry and secluded areas, although they can also be used in other places such as residential communities and resorts.
Since the water treatment plant produces Class A sewage, it can be used in areas with high probability of human contact.This is a simple design that requires minimal maintenance and only needs to be cleaned every six months.But Tristar\'s most impressive achievement may be the application of its wastewater treatment facilities to the treatment of ash water, which produces ash water when household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines use water.
This system has been approved in Australia, it is compact and will not appear inappropriate in any environment, which is very important in residential environment.Tristar, based in Perth, Australia, for many years, I have started to develop all these wastewater treatment options to suit the different conditions and environments seen by modern sewage treatment plants.With so many options, there is a product that can be adapted to almost any conceivable need.
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