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Watch battery laser lettering button battery fiber laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
At present, new energy or wearable electronic products all need batteries as the support of 'power'. The fields involved are almost everywhere. It is also the driving force of human development and a great invention, it is difficult for its huge application, and many battery merchants have started to produce low-quality batteries for the benefit. It should be known that the cost of inferior batteries is 1/10 of the cost of qualified batteries. Such a gap makes illegal vendors beneficial. The existence of fake and inferior batteries is a hazard to consumers or qualified battery manufacturers, whether it is brand reputation or quality reputation, it will cause misunderstanding, and even lead to accidental explosion of inferior batteries, so how to buy batteries, how to avoid buying inferior products? That's what we're going to talk about today. The service life of the battery is often directly affected by the quality of the production technology of the inferior battery. In addition, its output current is unstable, and the time is large and small. Such repetition must cause damage to its own products, even under the impact of rapid current, the power supply explosion will cause unbearable consequences, which no one wants to see or dare to think about, therefore, when we buy a battery, we must identify the laser-marked battery. The genuine battery marked by the laser marking machine is often marked with the production date and batch number of the product, manufacturers and icons or symbols such as environmental protection and energy conservation are permanently carved and will not fall off. The battery fiber laser marking machine uses the high-energy beam of laser to irradiate the surface of the battery shell, so as to engrave a series of logo contents on the packaging. Consumers should recognize the style of brand marking, for products of general high-end brands, their marking styles are fixed, and the above information content cannot be changed. They are buried together with battery manufacturers that can use laser marking, they should also be familiar with laser processing equipment, at least reflecting their emphasis on product quality. General brand manufacturers have perfect battery processing equipment, such as battery confluence welding machines, the quality safety and service life of battery pole ear laser welding machine, nickel sheet laser welding, battery core laser welding, cap laser welding and many other equipment will be hundreds of times that of inferior products, although the cost price has increased compared with the price of inferior products, its quality and safety are what we pursue. Why do brand battery manufacturers prefer to use battery laser processing equipment, such as battery laser marking machine, for several reasons: 1. Good marking accuracy, high definition, beautiful appearance and high consumer acceptance; 2. Permanent marking can be realized by using laser marking, with good anti-counterfeiting effect and high-grade image; 3, can greatly reduce the production cost, reduce production consumables, improve product quality and safety and production efficiency; 4, laser marking the battery will not pollute the workshop air, at the same time, in the battery market circulation is not easy to be tampered; Laser attaches great importance to the application research and development of battery laser marking equipment, providing many mature, reliable and efficient solutions for battery manufacturers.
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