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Water treatment equipment companies to get the environmental protection 'id card'

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
【 Water treatment 】 Water treatment and other information: Id & throughout; , blowdown licence is the only environmental protection enterprise id. Water treatment companies since January 1, 2019, will be in accordance with the requirements of the emission permits, deepen the stationary sources & other; YiZhengShi & throughout; Fine management. This point supervision enterprise development zone environmental protection bureau will also perform main body responsibility, in accordance with the provisions, establish their own monitoring, information disclosure, record parameter and regular report system, push forward the environmental protection of fine, the whole process of management. It is understood that for the enterprises in the water treatment, emission permits is environmental ecology of a priority this year. On November 13 last year, the ecological environment has released the discharge permit issued by the application and technical specification of water treatment ( Trial) 》( HJ 978 - 2018). The state environmental protection standards. Development zone environmental protection bureau for the first time summon relevant personnel participated in by the organization of the ecological environment water treatment industry blowdown licence issued by the application and technical specification training classes, and discharge permit management for water processing enterprises for the deployment and mobilization. Water treatment at the same time, for smoothly push zone enterprises discharge permit application, the epa environmental assessment, supervision and monitoring department, to the enterprise production technology, production facilities, sewage, drainage outlet, monitoring equipment, environmental management parameter records, and law enforcement supervision and other detailed audit, on-site guidance, and repeatedly in-depth enterprise comparison companies site condition and discussed during the eia files, to ensure the authenticity, integrity and accuracy of the content of the discharge permit. 2019 development zone will be to the electronic, automobile, heat production and supply, hazardous waste management, six other food manufacturing, battery manufacturing industry more than 50 enterprises, a general process, boiler 300 boilers emission permits issued.
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