water treatment equipment supplier
water treatment equipment supplier


RO menbaranes auto wash and manual wash, which can protect RO membrane easily.Intelligent circuit design equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water.Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality.
The equipment will be automatically stopped when incoming air's pressure is ≦0.5MPa. Automatic break protection: In case of power leakage and short circuit. Water-shortage protection: equipment will be automatically stopped when the level of the water tank is lower than that of the liquid switch.

Why Choose J&D Water?

1.Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the production of the beverage bottling equipment for over 10 years.

2.From raw materials’ processing to finished products, we have been operated under the strict quality management system. We have also attracted industry elites to join us. Our engineers and technicians are well-trained and are always ready to provide long-term technical service, and our salesmen are dedicated and professional who master the knowledge of various languages.

3.J&D adopts fiber-glass tank membrane, stainless steel tank membrane, fiber-glass filter tank, stainless steel filter tank, and pump & RO membrance of different tanks for satisfying the needs of customers.

4.So far, JNDWATER has successfully completed over 150 turnkey projects covering 120 countries and regions, like Canada, Africa, Poland, and so on.


All the parts which may enjoy direct contact with water are all of food grade plastic, SS304 stainless steel or SS316 stainless steel. Strict quality management system covers a comprehensive series of production procedures, from raw materials' processing, components machining, components assembly to finished products' finishing. Obtain certificate of  CE, TUV,  SGS and FCC.

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