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Water treatment industry for billions of tuyere level

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
Recently, by the tsinghua university & ndash; BeiKong water group joint research institute sponsored by the new water environment industry and international seminar of efficient utilization of water resources, to explore how to deal with water crisis, to promote high quality, including new water reclaimed water recycling, zero emissions and other related industrial upgrading and development. As has been committed to reclaimed water experts, school of environment, tsinghua university professor hong-ying hu believes that our country is faced with serious water problems, summarizes the four aspects: water resources shortage, water environment pollution and ecological damage, water space to shrink. Wastewater recycled water use can be largely solve the problem of the four, reclaimed water utilization potential in China is very big. BeiKong water group, senior vice President, told the daily economic news 'reporter Yang guang, in recent years, under the impetus of the environmental governance, water pollution treatment industry is pushed to the tuyere, tuyere is not over the next decade or two years, from a sewage treatment plant of a single point of management to the system management transformation. The future of new water to promote key will be to cost control and standard. Some experts predict that in recent years, water pollution treatment industry in our country the size of the market in each year hundreds of billions of dollars. Reclaimed water utilization prospect of water is the source of life, is the key to the development of economic and social resources, however, the problem of shortage of water resources is increasingly highlighted. In march of this year, the world bank said in a report, as many as 40% of the world's population currently facing a water crisis, to 2030 700 million people will be forced to migrate. Is one of the global water shortage in our country, although the total water resources in the world, but the amount per capita is only a quarter of the world average. Mainly concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang area water resources in our country, western, northern and central is water shortage areas, in 669 cities across the country, there are 470 water shortage city, there are 110 serious water shortage city. Yang guang said, now there are two cycles of water, is a natural ecological cycle, the cycle of water is a human social life, with the progress of production technology and the development of energy-saving technology, China has less water consumption per unit of GDP, the utilization rate of water in improving, however, compared with developed countries, China's ten thousand yuan GDP water consumption is much higher than some developed countries including the United States, Japan. “ Social water, natural water weakening, two-way pressure to our social development, industrial development and the future of well-off life has brought serious challenges. ” Yang guang said, how to put the water has been used as a new water sources, as new and high quality water or water new water reuse, is to solve the water shortage, a fundamental way of limited water resources, in order to reduce pollution, increase the capacity of water environment, reduce the total of the whole society at the same time, improve efficiency. Yang guang said further, once made to measure, new standards of water quality can be closer to the pure water, every processing one hundred million tons of COD conversion ChengXinSheng water can reduce 30000 tons of waste water discharge, 0. 10000 tons of ammonia nitrogen emissions, at the same time, each conversion ChengXinSheng water processing one hundred million tons of waste water, able to provide 220000 people production and living water, can support 12 billion yuan GDP. , hong-ying hu said that China is facing serious water problems, summarizes the four aspects: shortage of water resources, water environmental pollution and ecological damage, water space to shrink. Wastewater recycled water use can be largely solve the four questions. Now the proportion of urban reclaimed water use is not high, there will be a very good development prospect in the future. The reporter understands from interviews with the venue, at present our country the proportion of reclaimed water utilization rate is not a public data, and sewage disposal into the proportion of recycled water in only about 10%. According to the water pollution prevention plan of action request, focusing on the serious water shortage and water pollution areas city, improve the reclaimed water use of facilities, industrial production, urban greening, road cleaning, car washing, building construction and ecological landscape, such as water, to give priority to use recycled water. By 2020, the water shortage city reclaimed water utilization rate is above 20%, and beijing-tianjin-hebei region above 30%. Hong-ying hu said: & other; From the developing trend of the future, our country reclaimed water utilization potential is very great. ” Electrodialysis device is composed of what parts? Features and functions of each part is what? Electrodialysis device is composed of several parts, Yin membrane, Yang membrane, clapboard, electrodes, clamping device, leakage-proof rubber sheet, acid pickling system, flow meter, pressure gauge, ABS pipe fitting, valve, silicon controlled rectifier cabinet. Yin and Yang membrane membrane ion in water with the choice of permeability make system have strong water, fresh water, a water, which is part of desalination device. The main material of diaphragm for polypropylene, plays a supporting Yin amniotic membrane and the role of the formation of strong water chamber. Main form ion exchange membrane electrode electric field as needed. Electrode is composed of cloth head, perforated plate, PVC frame. Clamping device is mainly fixed ion exchange membrane, electrode, partition of Yin and Yang, etc into a whole. Leak proof rubber sheet is between the electrode and plate, play to prevent system leaking phenomena at the edge of the electrode. Acid cleaning system is the indispensable part in the device. When the electrodialysis device produce desalting rate, water rate decline, the abnormal phenomenon such as operating pressure should be judgment system is due to whatever reason such as scaling, inorganic fouling and organic compound fouling etc and take corresponding chemicals for chemical cleaning.
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