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Water treatment technology and material application promotion conference held in dongguan

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
On December 1 in the afternoon, water treatment equipment technology and material application promotion conference held in our city. From shenzhen water treatment technology and material collaborative innovation center and its coordination unit of the experts, and zhuhai science and technology, environmental protection and other relevant personage, the common discussion frontier achievements in the field of water treatment technology and materials. Vice mayor participated in the activities. Water treatment technology and material together, led by university of science and technology innovation center, gathered the provincial scientific research in the field of water treatment, material and other academic power, at the same time in collaborative innovation mode combination with backbone enterprise, guide and promote the province water treatment technology and materials research and industrialization of high quality development. The seminar, experts attending the meeting on electrochemical water treatment technology and application, low energy consumption of microbial membrane wastewater treatment process, lake aquatic vegetation restoration mechanism and technology content in the intercourse. As environmental protection of the township, the city has always pay attention to cooperation and innovation, so far, has formed a solid industrial foundation, especially in water treatment equipment self matching rate was 98%, and the domestic market share of 40%, becoming the most complete products, innovative technology the most densely populated, one of the most abundant resources environmental protection industrial concentration area.
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